August 6, 2020

Hours counted for Solari?

You can spend everything at Real Madrid right now and it's not out of the question for Solari to stop being a coach sooner than expected. With no other objective than to tighten as much as possible in LaLiga, in the white club they ask if the Argentine is the right man to handle these strange months in the dressing room.

Solari has taken decisive decisions that in the end have gone wrong. Neither Isco nor Mariano, the forward signed this summer, were summoned for the game, when it was expected that it would be crucial. With Isco, their relationship has been so distant that it has been impossible to redirect the player. Mariano's thing is less understandable: if Madrid has a hard time scoring, it's not logical that his substitute striker is not even on the bench.

In the club it was believed that the first thing was to shape the squad and in part it was achieved, but to Solari, in his first experience in the elite, he has lacked left hand to manage a complicated wardrobe, with many titles and also many years. A Solari has overcome the situation.

After the meeting on Tuesday, the Argentine appeared in the press room of Valdebebas with a broken voice, visibly tired and even defeated. They asked him if he looked strong enough to continue. "I'm not going to give up".


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