June 1, 2020

Hotels may house victims of sexist violence during the state of alarm

Tourist accommodation may house victims of sexist violence and their children during the state of alarm in the event that shelters for battered women do not have places.

It is one of the measures that the Council of Ministers has adopted this Tuesday in a royal decree with which it intends to reinforce during the confinement the protection of victims of all types of gender violence, including victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

“It is about continuing to protect our women and putting all the necessary resources at their fingertips,” said the executive spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, at a press conference.

The second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has underlined that the measures are aimed at protecting victims who are in “situations of forced coexistence with their aggressor, aggravated as a result of confinement due to the health emergency” and to promote the execution of the Pact of State against Gender Violence thanks to the transfer of funds to the autonomous communities.

This decree declares emergency and reception centers and shelters for these victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation essential.

This guarantees the operation of care services “such as emergency and reception centers, supervised flats and safe accommodation for victims of gender violence, sexual exploitation and trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.”

The decree also enables the mechanism for municipalities and autonomous communities to allocate the execution of the funds of the State Pact for Gender Violence in order that they can implement the specific measures necessary during this crisis.

Likewise, the decree establishes that all these victim assistance and reception centers have individual protection equipment (PPE) for their workers.

Another of its measures is to ensure the normal operation of the telematic monitoring system of the aggressors who have a restraining order from the victim (Cometa bracelets), including their implementation.

Victims of gender violence are a particularly vulnerable group in this situation of home isolation, as they are forced to live with their aggressor 24 hours a day, which places them at a higher risk.

This royal decree joins the Contingency Plan to respond to the confinement that the Executive has already put in place with the aim of reinforcing and guaranteeing the care and protection of victims of sexist violence, in which the full operation of 016 was already guaranteed and other essential services and psychological attention was promoted via WhatsApp.

016 attends to all victims of sexist violence 24 hours a day and in 52 different languages, as well as email [email protected]

Victims of abuse can also access an immediate psychological service that is provided via instant messaging (WhatsApp) through the telephones 682916136 and 682508507.

If a woman is in an emergency situation, she should call 112, 091 (National Police) or 062 (Civil Guard) and, in the event of not being able to make a call, she can resort to the ALERTCOPS application, which sends a alert your security forces to your location.

In addition, in this link the active services in each autonomous community can be located updated during the state of alarm, after they have been declared essential: http://www.violenciagenero.igualdad.gob.es/informacionUtil/recursos/ estadoAlarma / home.htm.


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