May 11, 2021

Hoteliers ask for flexible measures for a flexible scenario

The president of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (Cehat), Jorge Marichal, considers that there is “light at the end of the tunnel”, although a return would be lethal for the survival of companies, and demands “flexible measures for a flexible scenario. “

The steps taken must be safe, Marichal points out in an opinion article sent to the media, in which he asks the administration to facilitate “being brave” so that each movement is “forward” and on a solid basis.

Marichal, who also chairs the Tenerife hotel association (Ashotel), believes that for these steps to be safe, “flexibility” is needed in adapting the ERTE (temporary employment regulation files) to the hotel sector.

The president of the hoteliers requests that the automatic transit of the ERTEs due to force majeure to files for objective causes be facilitated, or at least maintain exceptional measures in relation to the procedures for suspension and reduction of working hours for economic, technical reasons, organizational and production.

It also demands that the extraordinary contribution measures be prolonged in relation to the procedures for suspension of contracts and reduction of working hours by force majeures related to COVID-19.

Marichal also sees the need to preserve the extraordinary measures for unemployment protection and to flexibly regulate the return to activity of workers affected by a suspension or reduction of temporary working hours, as well as their reincorporation into employment regulation files according to the productive needs and activities.

Another business demand is liquidity, at a time when hotels have no income, so they ask for a twelve-month grace period in capital reductions in loan installments, so that only interest is paid.

“This would cause enormous relief in cash and liquidity, essential so that companies are not forced to be executed due to non-payment of principal, without this implying any burden on public coffers and the consequent destruction of jobs and the breakdown of the supply chain. payments, “argues Marichal.

These financial and labor measures would be complemented by initiatives to create health corridors with foreign countries, the carrying out of massive tests at source, the application of health protocols in companies and the generalization of traceability applications.

The hotel sector “faces a flexible scenario” and therefore needs “also flexible measures” to advance bravely “on a stable, solid floor,” concludes the president of the hotel association.


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