October 22, 2020

Hoteliers ask for compensatory measures after closings and restrictions on their activity due to outbreaks



Hoteliers have urged the tripartite committee to monitor the coronavirus employment defense employment agreement to launch compensatory measures, both on companies and employment protection, before the situations of closure or total or partial restriction of the activity that are taking place in different points of the geography, as reported by Hospitality of Spain in a statement.

Specifically, the sector has underlined that the degree of impact on activity, the destruction of companies and jobs is currently “maximum”.

Hospitality indicates that the limiting circumstances of the activity, the restrictions of mobility and the sanitary fear have made the activity suffer and put in “critical situation” an entire sector that encompassed 315,000 companies and 1.7 million employees before the health crisis.

The sector estimates that 65,000 hospitality businesses will disappear This year, while the loss of employment could be between 900,000 and 1.1 million jobs, between direct and indirect. Added to all this, now is the economic “serious crisis” derived from the pandemic, which has meant an additional collapse in household and business consumption.

Hoteliers recall that there are currently outbreaks that have led several regional governments to decree the limitation, and even the closure, of activities that affect the hotel sector, such as in eight municipalities in Lleida (Segriá region), including the capital , and the municipality of Totana, in the Region of Murcia. In both cases, closings of hotel establishments are decreed, forcing businesses to close and to take all workers to ERTE.

In this context, the sector indicates the need to apply concrete measures to defend employment, whenever situations of closure or total or partial restriction of activity occur.

In this way, they request that the system of application of employment support measures be reviewed, both for employees and the self-employed, and that protection be expanded to 100% in all companies while the decreed closure lasts, complementing the coverage that RDL 24/2020 of June 26 established in the first additional provision, 2.

The sector also calls for proceed to the coverage of the self-employed, as applied to the periods of total closure decreed during the alarm state.

Finally, the hoteliers again demand from the Administration “constant and fluid communication” with the sectors of activity, as well as “joint planning and forecasting”, when determining the restrictions of the cities.

“Greater planning could avoid taking measures such as activity closings and, therefore, would avoid having to take these compensatory measures to mitigate the impact that the sector is receiving so hard,” they reiterate from the sector.


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