Hotel overnight stays soar 86.7% in 2021, but are still 50% below compared to 2019




Overnight stays in hotel establishments reached the figure of 172.1 million in 2021, which is 86.7% more than in 2020, when they plummeted 73.1%, their largest decline in the entire historical series by the effects of the crisis in the tourism sector, as reported on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

This increase in overnight stays registered last year was the result of the increase in overnight stays by foreigners by 98.9%, almost double that in 2020, and, to a lesser extent, by those made by Spaniards, who rose by 76, 9% for the year as a whole. And all this despite the fact that hotel prices were 12.9% higher in 2021 than in 2020.

However, despite the strong rise in overnight stays registered by Spanish hotels in 2021, this indicator is still below pre-pandemic levels. Thus, compared to 2019, overnight stays fell by 49.8% last year, with falls of 63.4% in the case of overnight stays by foreigners and 24.4% in those made by Spanish.

Almost two thirds of overnight stays in hotel establishments in 2021 were concentrated between the months of May to September, with an increase of 176.5% compared to the same period in 2020.

This increase in overnight stays registered in 2021 was reached after they multiplied by more than four in December compared to the same month in 2020, to exceed the figure of 13.1 million.

However, if the data for December 2021 is compared with that for the same month in 2019, without a pandemic, overnight stays in hotel establishments showed a decrease of 22.3% in the last month of last year, due both to the decline in overnight stays made by foreigners (-30.8%) as well as those made by Spaniards (-10.2%).

The average stay in December increased by 18.3% compared to the same month in 2020 and stood at 2.7 overnight stays per traveler. Hotel prices grew by 12.9% in 2021, with a rate 18.8 points higher than that of 2020. average daily turnover of hotels for each occupied room (ADR) was 93.5 euros in 2021.

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