July 26, 2021

hospitalized, ICU patients and deceased continue to grow

The Community of Madrid has used this Monday the data that total hospitalizations for COVID-19 continue to grow although at a slower speed than two weeks ago to publicize that its measures to manage the pandemic have achieved a “collapse” in hospitalizations . That total rose to 591 patients between September 14 and 20 and, in the period from September 21 to 27, the increase was another 264 patients admitted, according to data from the Community. This lower rate has been applied by the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to say that “the growth of the total number of admitted has been reduced by 66%.” However, the number of patients admitted is higher as well as the curve of daily deaths that, since the beginning of the month, has not stopped rising, as reflected in the latest report from the Department of Health.

In reality, it is not that the total number of patients needing assistance in the Madrid centers has been reduced, but rather that among those who have required admission and those who have been able to leave the hospital during that period of time, the final increase of patients in the plants is less than that of 14 days ago. But ultimately growth: there are more people in the beds of the centers than before. In ICUs they apply the same formula, although without publicizing the numbers of patients: “A decrease” in the “growth of admitted patients” of 11%. That is to say, if in the week from 14 to 20, 55 people entered the ICU, to the next one another 49 were added, as reflected in the daily situation reports of the Community of Madrid. After all, the average stay in the ICU of a COVID-19 patient is measured more by weeks than by days. However, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has interpreted that “hospital admissions are plummeting and ICU admissions are also falling. Our health strategy works ”.

Regarding the healthcare pressure that the Madrid health system is currently enduring, this Monday, the beds occupied by COVID-19 patients in Madrid they continued to account for 25% of the total available, the same percentage reported last Friday with a very slight upward trend. However, in terms of ICU places, it has gone from 40% to 41% of the resources available, according to the latest update of the Ministry of Health, carried out with the information provided by the autonomous communities.

In addition, Madrid affirms that, now, fewer people are admitted to Madrid hospitals in general than 15 days ago. 2,624 people have been hospitalized between September 14 and 20 to add another 2,594 new people who need a hospital bed between 21 and 27 of this month. A volume of 30 people less, 1.14%. “It is the first week” that this has happened since July, they specify in the Ministry of Health to support that the healthcare pressure is under control.

Almost as a response, a group of 25 COVID patients was this Monday afternoon waiting in the gymnasium of Hospital La Paz to be admitted to the plant, due to the lack of available beds, as the MATS union has informed this newspaper (Movement of the Assembly of Health Workers), which has taken images of this situation corresponding to this afternoon and have provided them to this newspaper. In the morning there were 36 patients who were waiting to be admitted, union sources have reported, saying they “miss very much” the 72 beds that the Madrid hospital has lost since 2015, they say.

In addition, as the hospital resources are occupied, that is, when the floors fill with patients, the less possibility exists of entering. Patients with a medical condition that, weeks ago, entered because there were resources, they would not find a space since it is destined for patients with a worse condition. In MATS they assure that, for those who work in the emergency room, these are patients awaiting admission to bed, but they are not counted as admitted

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