June 21, 2021

Hospital Valle Norte: The series of doctors never die | TV

Hospital Valle Norte: The series of doctors never die | TV

Televisión Española wants to recover the series of doctors in 2019 for its prime-time nighttime schedule. The last great Spanish fiction of the genre was Hospital Central, which was extended 20 seasons between 2000 and 2012 in Telecinco. Others tried without success, as MIR (also in Telecinco) or The syndrome Ulises (in Antenna 3). The public chain is currently rolling, along with producer José Frade P. C. Valley Hospital North,who intends to resume this classic type of fiction with the usual mixture of one case per episode and the lives of the characters. "It was a long time ago that in Spain there was not a medical procedure," Fernando López Puig, director of Fiction at TVE, told the MiM series of Madrid on Tuesday.

The 1 will premiere Valle Norte Hospital in January, on a date yet to be confirmed. Its main plot is simple: a prestigious medical center signs a new director of the Department of Surgery (interpreted by Alexandra Jiménez), which is received with lukewarmness.

The fiction will continue the day to day of the operating rooms, the relationship between its physicians and how is their life outside the hospital. The main cast is completed by José Luis García Pérez, Juan Gea, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, Gorka Otxoa, Sergio Mur, Lucía Jiménez and Dani Muriel.

"Sometimes we think that something that has been exhausted, as happened with Hospital Central, with many seasons and all possible resources, it makes a similar series fail, "said Lopez Puig, who listed the number of international fictions of the genre that have since had high audiences, such as Anatomy of Gray, Chicago Med, House or The Good Doctor. "Because of this international success, it seemed important to return to the genre. We want to make a new series of hospitals, but that does not have a clear reference, but that incorporates new elements, not for the fact of differentiating itself, but for capturing again the attention of the spectator ", abounded the director of TVE.

One of those elements that Lopez Puig refers to is the introduction that each episode will have. "We have made small start-up movies in which the cases of those affected are presented, of the patients who are going to come to the North Valley. I think it will hook the viewer, "said the producer, Constantino Frade.

The current reference of the genre is The Good Doctor, starring an autistic surgeon who is embodied by Freddie Highmore and created by the producer of House, David Shore. The fiction, whose second season currently aired on AXN, the channel that premiered it in Spain, became an audience success when Telecinco released it later on open last summer. Some episodes reached 3.5 million spectators.

"Before the phenomenon of The Good Doctor, in TVE we were already thinking about doing a series of this type ", answered López Puig to a question about the success of the US program.

Director of Valley Hospital North, Peris Romano, says that he has avoided the influences of any of the cited: "With the offer that there is nowadays of series, the medical cases yes can seem to the best to which there are in so many hours of television of medical series" . He added: "We have a universe, which is the hospital, where cases arrive, and from there we have given free rein".

For López Puig, a hospital is the perfect setting in which to deal with current issues: "It is a place that is a catalyst for what is happening in society."


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