Hospital 12 de Octubre participates in a WHO study to validate a coronavirus test

The 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid is the only Spanish center participating in an international research project coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) aimed at validating the reliability of a new detection test for specific antibodies to COVID-19 .

The WHO has selected a total of one hundred special world centers and laboratories to be part of the Solidarity II Serology International Network project, the Community of Madrid has specified in a press release.

These centers are capable of manufacturing the specific SARS-CoV-2 protein (S Spike-spicule protein), which is responsible for the entry of the virus into the cell and the component of the virus against which most of the protective antibodies act. of the organism.

The technique being tested has been developed by two of the most renowned coronavirus research centers, Mont Sinai Hospital in New York and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

It uses a novel procedure characterized by its great sensitivity and specificity, since it measures specific immunity against SARS-CoV-2-, responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to other techniques that may have false positives, due to the response to different human seasonal coronaviruses.

It will be used only by network laboratories, as it is not currently being marketed.

On October 12, the work is being led by the Emerging Viruses research group of the Research Institute of the i + 12 Hospital, in collaboration with the Microbiology and Internal Medicine services.

So far, the immune response of 250 professional volunteers has been analyzed, divided into two groups, one formed by those who have had infection confirmed by PCR, and the other, by those who, without diagnosis of infection, have been exposed to the virus based on of the work carried out during the pandemic.

Preliminary results of Solidarity II are "promising" and suggest that the technique may be available for large-scale implementation in the coming months, according to the regional administration statement.

The intention of the WHO is for this international network of centers to facilitate the testing of a greater number of laboratories in each of the participating countries, transferring protocols and reagents until the systems can be made available and commercialized.

On the part of the Hospital 12 de Octubre, and after the results obtained in the sample of volunteer professionals, this test is chosen to extend the immunity study in the center.


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