April 15, 2021

Hoops Outside, an Instagram account that mixes photography with basketball

Hoops Outside, an Instagram account that mixes photography with basketball

In many cases, fusion of two radically disparate elements translates into a beautiful, sincere, daring product: useful, without going any further. Without experimentation there is no progress: from small trifles, like knowing that mixing blue and green we have purple, even giant humanitarian advances, like steel, an alloy formed by iron and a small proportion of carbon, have made important milestones in the books of History. Experimentation embraces all kinds of branches: from science, to food, to art. What would happen if in the latter, for example, a purely immobile facet were combined, as is the Photography, with another fundamentally active, such as basketball?

The answer could well rest in the account of Instagram of Hoops Outside. The account, which was born in 2016, combines both elements and plays with a multitude of variables. Its creator is Daniel Arróniz, and although he worked individually on the project until mid 2018, he now has the help of Alberto Planas, better known as Allen29_11, who deals with the promotional and marketing side; of Ivan Sánchez, in charge of organizing events; Fernando Miranda, leading the design functions; and of Andrea Baladez, who makes the budgets and maintains the contacts with the companies.

The premise is simple: it is about combine photography with basketball, either in official matches of the ACB League, like making portraits or playing with the forms and perspective offered by drones. "The project started as a hobby: I had always liked photography and basketball, and that summer I bought a camera and traveled a lot to areas like Croatia, and there I saw a lot of baskets and started taking photos and compiling them because I liked it. ": this is how Daniel recalls the beginnings of Hoops Outside. Little by little, he decided to give it a more professional sense: he started uploading videos and specializing a little more and offering a more nutritious content.

However, the "petardazo" page came thanks to Alberto, who has more than 160,000 followers in your account of Instagram. "The contacts I've been making for four years are coming in handy for the projects we do: my contacts like what we do, which is good." Daniel is aware of the impact and the importance of being known: "What is needed today is visualization: you can have a very good content but if it does not reach the marks, it does not help you at all". Alberto has worked with many influencers' agencies, which is why he is responsible for many of the business contacts: "We are currently working with the New Era clothing brand and with the 2K distributor, and we have other ideas in mind. that are being created little by little, "says Daniel. An example is "a basketball campus in Orlando to work as photographers and record videos there," says Allen, "always giving a higher dimension to photos and videos, being able to organize events, basketball tournaments … Events where you know the brand ", evaluates Daniel. The most ambitious is that of remodeling a street basketball court in Madrid with the motives of the brand"It would help the project grow, but also the interest in basketball and, of course, the tourist interest."

All converge towards the same idea: "we want to treat basketball from a different perspective"In Spain, it is well known that football is the king sport, which covers all the covers of the press (often, even the extra-sports one) and the one that moves the masses, but the team believes it is necessary to claim that the Basketball has given even more joys than football at the level of titles and successes: between portraits on urban tracks, captures Sergio Llull and other basketball players and zenith perspectives, Hoops Outside only thinks about growing up. hired a designer to open the portal in the future. There we hope to make another leap of quality, "Daniel describes. It is possible that, in the future, Basketball has another giant to look up.


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