September 24, 2020

Honor César Chávez with a mural in the USA that portrays a Hispanic family

Honor César Chávez with a mural in the USA that portrays a Hispanic family

A large mural in a suburb of Phoenix (Arizona), showing a peasant with a Hispanic family and with the message "Yes you can," was inaugurated this Sunday in honor of the missing peasant leader César Chávez.

Isaac Nicholas Caruso, author of the mural, told Efe that by virtue of the relevance in the Hispanic community of the figure of César Chávez, who today marks an anniversary of his birth, he tried to capture the "strength and power of the family latina ", as well as" their ability to resist "in the face of struggles.

The artist who resides in Phoenix and has been making murals for 8 years, dedicated a month to finish the work of 90 feet long by 20 feet high, and was financed by the group Chicanos Por La Causa.

José Cortez, one of the peasants who supported Chávez in his struggle and who was present at today's ceremony, called the mural "fabulous" because it captures the peasant's pain and struggle.

"The youth do not understand what the peasants suffered in the fight with Cesar, who accompany him we know of the sacrifices we made, so this mural has a very special meaning," he said.

Cortez recalled that much of Chávez's struggle took place in Arizona, where the peasant leader went on a 24-day hunger strike and activist Dolores Huerta coined the phrase "Sí se puede."

"The new generations are forgetting the old struggles," he said, to then emphasize that currently urges "another leader, to fight for new causes, like migrants."

Born on March 31, 1927, Chavez co-founded the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) in the 1960s, the most powerful agricultural union in the country and from which they demanded better salaries and conditions for peasants. .

One of the milestones of their union struggle was the strike of grape pickers in Delano, California, which began in September 1965, lasted for years and served, for the first time, peasants of different origins – Filipinos, Chinese and Mexicans – join in a common front.

In 1994 President Bill Clinton posthumously awarded Chávez the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civil honor.

On the occasion of the anniversary of his birth, the office of the governor of California, the Democrat Gavin Newsom, broadcast on Saturday the proclamation declaring Sunday "Cesar Chavez Day" in this state.


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