Honduras sympathizes with Indonesia for the devastating tsunami

Honduras sympathizes with Indonesia for the devastating tsunami

The Government of Honduras today expressed its solidarity and condolences to Indonesia for the devastating tsunami that hit the Sonda Strait on Saturday, between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, which left 373 people dead.

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, the government sends its "signs of regret" to Indonesia for "the devastating tsunami that hit the cities of Pandeglang, Serang and south of Lampung."

The catastrophe has caused at least 373 people dead, while 128 remain missing and 1,459 have been injured.

Honduras also expressed its condolences to the families, as well as their solidarity with Indonesia in "these moments of sadness and loss".

Likewise, it formulates "votes for a speedy recovery of wounded people and a return to calm throughout the country," the statement from the Honduran Foreign Ministry adds.

According to the National Agency for Disaster Management, more than 5,660 people are displaced, a significant reduction over the 11,687 that were in the previous bulletin, because many have returned to their homes.

The catastrophe has also caused damage to 681 houses, 69 hotels, more than 400 ships and dozens of vehicles.

The authorities attribute the tsunami that reached the beaches without triggering alarms to the collapse of part of the island where the Anak Krakatao volcano is located, in the aforementioned strait, following a strong eruption.

The Anak Krakatao, about 300 meters high and lateral crater, has been erupting almost daily in the last three months, the last was last Sunday when it ejected a large column of smoke and ash.


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