Honduras reaches 201 dead from COVID-19 and 5,094 infected

The deaths in Honduras from COVID-19 rose to 201 this Saturday with two new confirmed cases, while infections increased to 5,094, the state-run National Risk System (Sinager) reported.

In its daily report, on the national radio and television network, the Sinager indicated that of 561 new PCR tests performed, 208 were positive, with which the number of patients nationwide has already exceeded 5,000.

Again, the departments of Cortés, in the north of the country, and Francisco Morazán, in the center, those with the largest population, have registered the highest number of those infected with the deadly disease.

The Sinager also noted that of the total number of people who have contracted COVID-19, 524 are hospitalized, of which 471 are in stable condition, 13 are seriously ill and 40 are in intensive care units.

Regarding the recovered patients, eight new cases were registered today, with which the number increased to 536.

The two confirmed fatalities today are women, one 63, and the other 80, originating from the departments of Cortés and Francisco Morazán.

The first two cases of infections with COVID-19 in Honduras were confirmed on March 11, in two women from Switzerland and Spain, who arrived in San Pedro Sula, in the north of the country, and Tegucigalpa, in the center.


A demand from various productive sectors of the country is the economic reactivation in the face of the losses they are having due to the forced confinement that has been in force since March 12, as a measure to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Until now, some businesses such as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, cooperatives and hardware stores have been operating, to which gradually, fast food restaurants and, in the last two weeks, the construction industry, beauty salons and barber shops, have gradually been added. .

Businesses serve their clients, who must wear at least a mask, with biosafety measures to reduce the risk of contagion.

It is expected that on June 1, a trial will begin to be organized in three areas of the country for the reopening of the economy of the other sectors, but with greater controls, mainly in companies with a large staff, which will be incorporated little gradually to their activities, depending on the results of the trial.

Officially, the reopening of the economy would start on June 8, while this Sunday it will be known if it follows the curfew that has been in force since mid-March.

The population is going out to stock up on food and attend to bank affairs, among other activities, for which they have one day every fifteen, from Monday to Friday, starting from the last digit of the citizen's identity card or passport.

On Saturday and Sunday no one comes out, except people who are linked to health and safety, who can move with a safe-conduct that was extended to them at the time.


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