Honduras extends the red alert until May 17 by COVID-19

The Honduran authorities extended the red alert on Sunday until May 17 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a disease in which the Central American country registers more than 1,800 positive cases and 108 deaths.

The measure was extended until that Sunday in the 18 departments of Honduras at the request of the Ministry (Ministry) of Health, indicated the National Risk Management System (Sinager).

The expansion took effect at 1:00 pm local time today (7:00 pm GMT) and has been adopted as part of containment measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, he added.

The Sinager also indicated that the objective of the red alert is to empower the central government and local administrations to carry out containment actions to spread the virus, especially in the departments that register confirmed cases.

The institutions that make up the Risk Management System have authorization to continue enabling "Temporary Isolation Centers", in order to attend to suspected cases of COVID-19, as well as response actions for the supply of supplies in the hospital network and the food facilitation in the most vulnerable households in the country.

The Honduran institution reminded the population that it is prohibited to hold events in both public and private work centers that involve the concentration of more than 50 people.

He pointed out that private and public companies authorized to work must comply with protection mechanisms for their employees and clients.

For this, he said, they are obliged to provide their employees with masks, antibacterial gel, take their temperature, and enable spaces for hand washing with soap and water, among other measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Sinager indicated that the population should use "masks and antibacterial gel" when they go out to stock supermarkets, pharmacies, fuel dispensers and financial institutions.

The institution also that the "non-compliance or delay in compliance with the foregoing regarding risks implies administrative, civil and criminal liability for offenders."


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