March 8, 2021

Honduras declares a national emergency due to dengue and adds 15,406 affected

The Government of Honduras declared on Tuesday the state of national emergency for the outbreak of dengue, a disease that affects 15,406 people and has caused 44 deaths in the country so far in 2019.

The emergency was decreed by order of the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, Health Minister Alba Consuelo Flores told a press conference.

He added that the emergency applies to the 298 municipalities of the Central American country, which has recorded so far this year 5,332 cases of severe dengue and 10,074 of the classic.

The Ministry of Health had declared on June 14 in a state of emergency to 12 of the 18 departments of the country due to the high incidence of dengue.

The Government also ordered on Tuesday the activation of the National Irrigation Management System (Sinager) to coordinate and reinforce preventive measures against the spread of dengue in Honduras.

The Sinager is "activating all the governmental and non-governmental institutions to carry out a series of actions," said the high official.

Until last week, health authorities accounted for 44 deaths due to hemorrhagic dengue, most of them registered in the department of Cortés, north of the country.

The authorities also analyze the causes of death of 32 other people who had the same symptoms of severe dengue: high fever, headache, vomiting and skin rashes.

The health authorities urged the population to "fear" the mosquito "Aedes Aegypti", transmitter of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, and emphasized that prevention is the main tool to reduce the impact of the disease.

To prevent the spread of the disease, teachers, students and parents will join the work of cleaning and destruction of nurseries of the zancudo in schools and their surroundings.

The authorities called on the public to continue collaborating in the prevention work to eradicate mosquito breeding sites, which normally choose areas with clean stagnant water to reproduce.

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