Honduras curfew extended by coronavirus epidemic

The Government of Honduras extended this Sunday the curfew that has been in force since March, following the coronavirus epidemic, which has left at least 472 infected and 46 dead in the Central American country, according to official reports.

The curfew was extended, from today, until April 26, the Security Secretariat reported through the National Police on the national radio and television network.

The measure is in compliance with the “precise instructions” of the Government, continuing with its plan to reduce the spread of COVID-19 “through mandatory social distancing.”

The government “has decided to extend the absolute curfew by verifying that the measures to restrict the movement of people visiting the establishments authorized to serve customers,” supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware stores, banks and cooperatives, the National Police said.

People who want to stock up on something must comply with a previously established schedule, from Monday to Friday and from 07:00 to 17:00 local time (from 13:00 to 23:00 GMT).

On Monday, only those who have their identity card finish at 1 and 2 can go out, and so on until Friday, when those who end at 9 and 0 do so. On Sunday, “no one circulates,” stressed the same institution.

The personnel of the authorized shops must be provided, on a mandatory basis, with masks, hand gel and at the entrances make one of fever control thermometers for customers, who must also wear a mask.

On Saturday and Sunday, the government provision establishes that the movement of vehicles and the departure of people at a national level is prohibited, except for the exceptions already established, who must justify to the competent authority their mobilization bearing their identification and respective safe-conduct, in force during the emergency. .

“The safeguards granted by the Exceptions Committee are still in force” and “each one is currently being exhaustively reviewed to identify some that have been cloned, unlike those granted by other institutions, which will be confiscated,” warned the National Police. .

The measures are not valid for the municipalities of the Caribbean departments of Colón and Cortés, and the city of El Progreso, Yoro, since in those regions, which are the most affected by the coronavirus, they are governed by another circulation calendar.


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