August 9, 2020

Honduras brushes the 200 dead and hospitals have more sick by COVID-19

The death toll in Honduras from COVID-19 is already close to 200, while the main hospitals are close to running out of enough beds, due to the high increase in infections, which on Tuesday amounted to 4,640 since March, an official source reported.

The country also passed this Wednesday, for the first time, the 600 PCR tests, of which 239 were positive, the National Risk Management System (Sinager) indicated on the national radio and television network.

With six new deceased confirmed today, they now number 194, according to the daily registry of the state agency.

The Sinager noted that today’s laboratory tests totaled 616 and that the number of hospitalized patients has almost doubled in recent days, due to the expansion of the coronavirus.

According to medical sources from public hospitals, one of the problems that the country has are the few PCR tests that are performed, which should range between 2,000 and 3,000 daily to have a better idea about the growth of the pandemic.

Of the 239 positive cases registered today, 187 correspond to the department of Cortés, in the north of the country, followed by Francisco Morazán with 34, while the rest are shared by other regions.

The total of hospitalized to date is 519, of which 467 are in stable condition, 25 serious and 27 in intensive care units.

Despite the fact that the cases of patients with COVID-19 are increasing every day, the health authorities assure that the hospitals have not collapsed, but they are already planning to transfer patients to other hospitals, due to the saturation that the most important are having.


Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández today asked the population not to stigmatize businesses for speculation that occurs in places where coronavirus cases have been reported, the Presidential House said in a statement.

An example of stigmatization was registered on Tuesday in the city of Comayagua, in the center of the country, where 21 contagions of the staff of the Police Technical Institute were confirmed, which according to unofficial versions, may have occurred in a shopping center.

“The cases presented yesterday for the department of Comayagua do not correspond to the opening of the shopping center. We have the epidemiological link, which is the result of people visiting other communities in Tegucigalpa,” said the director of the Santa Teresa Hospital in Comayagua, Violeta. Castañeda.

Hernández pointed out that the clarification of the hospital director has been timely, “because if the information is not exact, we may be making the mistake of even stigmatizing a business.”

In several cities of the country there has also been the community’s refusal to receive people who came from other regions infected with COVID-19.

The rejection has reached the point of not allowing the burial of the deceased due to the disease in the local cemetery, despite the fact that the authorities have reiterated that there is no possibility that a dead person can infect someone.


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