September 22, 2020

Honduras adds 55 dead and 591 infected with COVID-19

The death toll in Honduras from COVID-19 rose to 55 this Friday, while the number of infected rose to 591, the National Risk Management System (Sinager) reported on the national radio and television network.

The state agency indicated that of 98 tests carried out today by the National Virology Laboratory, 29 were positive, with which the patients already number 591, and that “regrettable” eight new deaths were confirmed, for a total of 55.

Of the eight new deaths, seven are from the Caribbean department of Cortés, and one from Santa Bárbara, west.

Of the 29 new positive cases, 26 correspond to Cortés; two to Yoro, north, and one to Choluteca, south.

Cortés, the one with the highest commercial, industrial and economic movement, is the department with the highest incidence of coronavirus.

Of the 18 departments of the Central American country, 11 register cases of the deadly disease, according to official Sinager reports.

The good thing about today’s report, said the same institution, is that there have been eight new patients who have recovered, with 58 who are already out of danger.

Five of the newly recovered are from Francisco Morazán, center, and three from Cortés.

The Sinager reiterated today its message to the population to stay at home, not to leave if you do not need it, because social isolation is the best way to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

On Saturday and Sunday, according to the curfew that has been in force since mid-March, no one should leave, except those with authorization, including medical personnel, security forces, civil protection and journalists, among others.

According to various sources, Honduras is the country that has performed the fewest laboratory tests to detect COVID-19.

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández told reporters today that in a telephone conversation he had with his US counterpart, Doanld Trump, he indicated that he would support Honduras in the face of the coronavirus crisis with medical supplies, PCR tests and ventilators.

He added that Trump knew from his side several proposals from Honduras to work in the installation of US companies in Honduran territory.

“We talked about laboratory tests, we talked about 300,000 tests to start, that was my request; we talked about ventilators and he told me that they would also support us with ventilators; we talked about biomedical protection equipment, he also said that he would support us with that “Hernández emphasized.

Trump promised this Friday that he will send respirators to Ecuador and that he will also send them to El Salvador and Honduras, two countries that have continued to accept flights with migrants deported from the United States, after Guatemala stopped receiving them due to the coronavirus crisis.

In a series of tweets, Trump claimed that he had spoken to the presidents of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno; El Salvador, Nayib Bukele; Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández; and Indonesia, Joko Widodo; countries that, according to him, have asked the United States for help to fight COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.


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