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Honduran immigrants do not give up leaving their country although Mexico sports

The deportation from Mexico of more than 2,500 Honduran immigrants in the last two weeks, has not given up more than a hundred, among men, women and children, who on Friday left in a second caravan with the idea of ​​reaching the States United.

Immigrants began arriving Thursday at the intercity bus station in the second most important city in Honduras, San Pedro Sula, which in the recent past has been rated as one of the most violent in the world, although it is the first in economic development and industrial of the country.

The green areas of the bus terminal served the immigrants to spend the night, with a cloudy sky as a roof, waiting to leave today at 04:00 local time (10:00 GMT) to the Customs Point of Agua Caliente, Ocotepeque department, border with Guatemala.


Although most of the immigrants avoided talking to journalists, about ten told Efe that they are not afraid of being deported from Mexico, if they manage to arrive, from where several of them were returned this week by air and land, as part of the hardening of Mexican immigration laws, which are not allowing foreigners to pass illegally.

“I am not afraid of the press or anything. We have to talk what we have to talk about, the country of us is useless and we have to get ahead, no matter what has to happen, if I have to die on the road , I am going to die trying, “he told Efe Gerardo Alonso Muñoz,” El Guato “, one of the newly deported from Mexico and who today led the small caravan that left San Pedro Sula.

“El Guato”, 23, who according to his story has been military, was put in front of the caravan with another adventure companion carrying a flag in blue and white, with five stars, and a soccer ball, representing the country and the Honduran team.

The general opinion of immigrants, as well as those of four other caravans that left between October 2018 and so far in 2020, is that they leave because of lack of work and violence.

Gerardo Alonso said that the caravan that left on the 14th and 15th was “very messy” and that in Mexico they were made “a little difficult by the National Guard”, which prevented them from crossing that country, which they entered after passing the Suchiate River , border with Guatemala.


The objective of the majority of immigrants from the second caravan this year is to arrive in the United States, although many would accept to stay in Mexico if they could get a job.

“The goal is to reach the United States. What we crave as Hondurans is to leave the country, because many things happen in the country. The president (Juan Orlando Hernández) washes his hands saying this and that, does not give work at all , and it is very difficult to live here in Honduras, you cannot live, “said” El Guato “, who also indicated that he can work as an automotive mechanic, bricklayer” and anything, except crime. “

The most painful thing seen on the caravan route between San Pedro Sula and the Agua Caliente border, along some 270 kilometers, are the women who travel with young children, some even with two, not always accompanied of a man to help them, because they usually claim to be “single mother.”

The caravans that have been leaving the country since 2018 begin their journey on foot from the San Pedro bus station, but after several kilometers, when taking a detour to the west of the country, they begin to look for any type of transport that takes them “as far as I can.”

That implies that getting on and off several transports, including vans, dredges, buses and other types of private or rental vehicles, men do so very quickly, mainly when boarding them. That leaves many of the women who go with one or more children at a disadvantage, in addition to carrying backpacks with clothes and bags with water or some food, among other things, for their children.

Ana Rosa Torres, 48, from a community near the municipality of San Marcos de Colón, southern department of Choluteca, bordering Nicaragua, is one of the immigrants who goes in the second caravan with her youngest son, eight years old, of the nine he had, he told Efe in San Pedro Sula.

In addition, she is accompanied by another 20-year-old daughter, who has given her two granddaughters, of which one, three years old, is also part of the caravan that, exposing herself to any danger, its members intend to reach the United States or Mexico

“El Guato”, who during Efe’s follow-up to the caravan transmitted messages of encouragement to his countrymen, said that another reason he is looking to leave the country is because “I fight for my mother.”

“I want to get ahead for my mother, because my mother is everything, is the livelihood of one. The first star that God gave me in life, my mother is the best of my life,” he said during a stopover between cities from San Pedro Sula and Santa Rosa de Copán.

In the first caravan of this year more than 2,000 Hondurans left, of which it seems they have mostly been deported from Mexico by air and land between the past day 18 and today, according to records of Mexican immigration authorities, which exceed 2,500 people

The second caravan, which was called by strangers on social networks, came out with less than 200 people who, according to “El Guato” Gerardo Alonso “are little” and those who left San Pedro Sula today “are not looking for problems with anyone.”

“We want to get up there, the goal is to reach the United States,” said “El Guato”, who believes that in the north they will find what their country, with more than 60% of its 9.3 million inhabitants living in poverty , does not offer them.

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