May 13, 2021

Honduran hospitalized from Taiwan on suspicion of coronavirus

A Honduran woman, from Taiwan, was hospitalized and isolated on Tuesday in Tegucigalpa on suspicion that she may be a carrier of the coronavirus, said Deputy Minister of Health of Honduras, Roberto Cosenza.

“Here we are in the Thorax (National Institute), waiting. The results of the exams will be known tomorrow,” the senior official told Efe.

He added that the patient, who did not indicate her name, “has not been diagnosed by coronavirus” and that the Ministry of Health is “following the protocol” dictated by the international health regulations.

According to Cosenza, the woman, who came on the plane with sanitary indications, arrived at the Toncontín International Airport, in Tegucigalpa, from Taiwan, where she was, apparently for tourism, since January 20.

The patient made stops in the United States and El Salvador before arriving in Tegucigalpa, and according to Cosenza’s preliminary information to the journalists, “she presents general malaise, cough, some respiratory distress and, therefore, the protocol was activated to be able to be isolated in one of the rooms of the Hospital of the Thorax “.

The Honduran deputy minister said that health authorities will monitor epidemiological surveillance of other people who came on the plane, and that the patient will remain isolated for 48 hours.

Cosenza stressed that “we should not alarm the population” and called on Hondurans “to remain calm.”

The hospitalized woman would have had some “link” with “people diagnosed with coronavirus,” so the Ministry of Health has proceeded to execute the protocol established by the international health regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The results of the physical and laboratory exams will be known within “24 hours,” said the Deputy Minister of Health.

On Monday, Honduran Vice Chancellor Nelly Jerez told reporters that eight Hondurans traveling on a cruise ship that remains on the coast of Japan are quarantined by the coronavirus, while a 26-year-old university student studying in Hubei, China, He requested help from the Government of his country to return to Honduras.

Jerez told reporters in Tegucigalpa that, in the case of the eight nationals on board the cruise, so far none has tested positive for coronavirus tests.

He added that two of them are a couple, of which the man “at the time presented a feverish picture, but was already discarded.”

The other six Hondurans are crew members who continue their work on the cruise – which has more than 3,000 people of about 50 nationalities – and “are not being affected so far,” said the senior official.

Jerez did not specify the identity of the Hondurans who are on the cruise, but noted that permanent communication is maintained with the Honduran ambassador to Japan, Héctor Alejandro Palma.

Another of the quarantined Hondurans is university student Katy Samantha Murillo Brooks, 26, who studies in Hubei province.

In a video broadcast on social networks, Murillo Brooks appealed to the Government of Honduras to help her return to her country to be with her family again.

The university said it is originally from La Lima, department of Cortes, in northern Honduras, and that Hubei is a neighbor with Wuhan, the city where the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared.

“I am 26 years old, I am from Lima Cortés, I am studying in Hubei and hereby I want to ask the Government of the Republic of Honduras to help me be evacuated, since the circumstances I am living are very difficult” said Katy Samantha.

He added that it has been “22 days in quarantine” and that “I have not been able to leave my room because of the prevention of the virus that originated in Wuhan, which is our neighboring city.”

“Little by little we are running out of food and drinking water, and that is why I am asking the Government to help me, because I want to return with my family, since stress and anxiety do not let me sleep well and lack from a good diet weakens my body and my spirits, “he emphasized.

In its most recent update, the Chinese National Health Commission reported Tuesday that there are 1,868 dead and 72,436 infected by the disease.


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