October 22, 2020

Honda postpones the reopening of its factories in Wuhan

The Japanese group Honda announced today that it will postpone the reopening of the three factories it has in the Chinese city of Wuhan due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Honda has three plants in Wuhan, with a total annual production of about 600,000 units.

The operations were suspended last January 23, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year festivities, but when it was planned to resume the reopening it was postponed by the coronavirus.

The firm announced today that it expects to operate again on February 24, although it also said it may be later. In principle he intended to resume activities next Monday, but has chosen to delay it for another week, in principle.

The regional government of Hubei Province, whose capital is Wuhan, has extended the suspension of production activities until February 20.


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