September 21, 2020

Homosexuals and bisexuals are no longer "promiscuous" in regulations in Bolivia

The homosexuals and bisexuals have stopped being described as "promiscuous" in a regulation in Bolivia, an advance in the recognition of their rights as expressed this Saturday by the Bolivian Ombudsman, Nadia Cruz.

A decree of 1997 excluded from the possibility of donating blood to "promiscuous homosexuals and bisexuals", an expression recently eliminated with a new norm, the Defender explained in a note.

A decree modified this week the article of the norm of more than two decades ago that included this exclusion, considering this group among the groups at high risk of AIDS, said the Ombudsman.

The amendment guarantees the equality of this group, in compliance with the Constitution and the Law Against All Forms of Racism and Discrimination in Bolivia, said Cruz.

The revision of the norm was promoted since 2016 by the Ombudsman's Office in coordination with LGBTI groups in the country, before the Ministry of Health of Bolivia, "to reverse the violation of their rights and the impairment of their dignity," he said.

Collectives such as transsexuals have played a leading role in Bolivia in demands for their civil rights, such as a hunger strike in 2017 after a ruling by the Constitutional Court of the country that limited some of them.

The ruling held that they can change data such as their name, image and sexual identity in official documents, but without the right to marriage, adoption or political participation based on gender parity.

The Ombudsman's Office presented normative proposals that year to legalize an institution similar to marriage in the country and include hate crimes in the penal code, as demanded by the Bolivian LGBTI community.

That same year, a Bolivian court sentenced a man who tortured and beheaded his partner, a young transsexual, to 30 years in prison, a case considered emblematic for the LGBTI community for being the first to reach judicial courts in the country.

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