October 23, 2020

Home values ​​in Spain increase 1.7%



The price of housing in Spain in the month of September was 1,720 euros per square meter, which marked a rise of 0.42% in relation to the previous month, compared to June of this year the increase was 1 , 70%. According to the report made by Pisos.com, the rebound compared to September 2019 was 1.38%. The regions with the highest monthly increase were La Rioja (2.28%), Madrid (1.54%) and Aragón (1.02%) while those that suffered devaluations were Navarra (-0.65%), Asturias (-0.36%) and Basque Country (-0.27%).

In the third quarter, both La Rioja (3.32%), Andalusia (2.99%) and Madrid (2.97%) have seen increases in prices and the only ones that have led decreases have been in Navarra (-0, 99%) and the Basque Country (-0.11%).

Year-on-year there have been no increases by regions of more than 4%. Those that have increased their home value per square meter were first Canary Islands (3.72%), followed by Navarra (3.24%) and Madrid (3.22%), while the decreases have been focused on Murcia (-0.85%), Castilla y León (-0.68%) and Castilla-La Mancha (-0.49%).

By price, the most expensive cars were the Balearic Islands (€ 3,196 / m²), the Basque Country (€ 2,744 / m²), Madrid (€ 2,729 / m²), Catalonia (€ 2,128 / m²) and the Canary Islands (€ 1,952 / m²) and the cheapest Castilla-La Mancha ( € 884 / m²), Extremadura (€ 1,011 / m²), Murcia (€ 1,121 / m²), Castilla yLeón (€ 1,234 / m²) and Aragón (€ 1,288 / m²).

At the municipal level, the study of the real estate portal highlights that the highest price increases compared to a year ago have occurred in the towns of Moguer (Huelva) with 29.32%, Velez-Málaga (Málaga) where the value of real estate has skyrocketed 28.51% and, in the same province, Casares (21.74%). Among those that have become cheaper: Adra (24.95%) in Almería and Ronda (-24.06%) in Malaga.

By province capitals, the most expensive is San Sebastián with 5,045 euros per square meter. Next, Barcelona (4,514 euros per square meter), Madrid (4,003 euros / square meter), Plama de Mallorca (3,296 euros / square meter) and Bilbao (3,253 euros / square meter). At the other extreme, Ávila where the square meter is worth 1,013 euros. Other quite cheap cities are Jaén (1,101 euros / square meter), Ciudad Real (1,111 euros / square meter) or Lleida (1,133 euros / square meter).

Without taking into account the provincial capitals, the towns with the most expensive square meter They were Sant Josep de Sa Talaia (5,499 euros / m²), Ibiza (5,402 euros / m²) and Santa Eulalia del Río (5,388 euros / m²), all three located in the Balearic Islands. As for the cheapest town Carcaixent (Valencia) with 538 euros per square meter. Along these lines, Albox (547 euros / m²) in Almería and Yecla in Murcia (560 euros / m²) also stand out.

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