Home sales soared by 57.9% in August, to its highest figure this month since 2007




The sale of homes soared 57.9% last August compared to the same month of 2020, until adding 49,884 operations, its highest figure this month since 2007, as reported this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The number of home sales for August is also the second highest number of transactions carried out in any month since April 2008, only surpassed by the one registered last July, when 50,000 transactions were exceeded.

With the interannual advance of August, the sale of homes has six consecutive months of positive rates after the increases of 32.4% and 65.9% registered in March and April, respectively, from 107.6% in May, from 73 , 5% in June and 53.5% in July.

The year-on-year rise in home sales in August was as a result of the increase in operations on new homes, which grew by 40.9%, up to 9,609 operations, as well as the increase in the sale of used flats by 62.6%, to add 40,275 transactions.

91.6% of the dwellings transmitted by sale in the eighth month of the year were free dwellings and 8.4% were protected.

The sale of free homes rose by 58.7% year-on-year in August, to 45,701 operations, while that of protected homes increased 50.1%, adding a total of 4,183 operations, its highest figure since July 2019.

In monthly terms (August over July), the sale of homes fell by 0.7%, its smallest decrease in an August month since 2017.

In the first eight months of the year, the sale of homes accumulated an increase of 37.2%, with increases of 43.4% in operations on new homes and 35.7% in the case of second-hand ones.

Andalusia leads sales

Last August, the highest number of home sales per 100,000 inhabitants occurred in the Valencian Community (183), La Rioja (181) and Andalusia (155).

In absolute values, Andalusia was the region that carried out the most housing transactions during the eighth month of the year, with 10,401 purchases, followed by Catalonia (7,606), Valencian Community (7,339) and Madrid (7,321).

All the autonomous communities increased their number of sales in August in year-on-year terms. The largest increases occurred in La Rioja (+ 84.8%), Comunidad de Madrid (+ 77.3%), Comunidad Valenciana (+ 72%), Andalusia (+ 67%) and Catalonia (+ 65.5%) , while the lowest corresponded to the Basque Country (+ 8.3%) and Cantabria (+ 20%).

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