Home insurance already offers coverage even against "cyberbullying"

When you take out home insurance, you think, above all, of protecting yourself against theft, water leaks, power outages or damage due to torrential rains, but the truth is that there are many other coverages that the insured often do not even know, including digital harassment

The new technologies simplify life and work but also have their dark side, since their emergence in all aspects of everyday life can threaten privacy and cause serious damage, especially to children and adolescents, as is the case with the harassment known as "cyberbullying."

As the main insurers of the Spanish market have explained to Efe, the fight against this crime is one of the current concerns of these companies and many include in their home policies coverage such as the issuance of a certificate of veracity to report these cyber bullying to minors .

Also in relation to new technologies, the erasure of the fingerprint, that is, the cancellation of the insured's personal data that appears on the Internet, is one of the most demanded guarantees, as well as the configuration of parental control, the tracking of lost or stolen computers and the "Technological Handyman" service.

Likewise, the home policies include a DIY home service that offers up to three hours of labor in the insured home for tasks such as placement of bathroom accessories, installation of lamps and curtains, replacement of plugs or commissioning of technological equipments.

Less frequent is the guarantee of repair of white goods such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, electric or ceramic hobs, ovens, microwaves or extractor hoods.

Other policies cover assumptions, increasingly common and necessary, such as the arrangement of the mobile phone screen, since, according to data from the comparator Rastreator, 87% of Spaniards who have mobile use a smartphone or smartphone with a screen tactile.

It is also possible to cover the theft of the mobile, guaranteeing its location and even its blocking.

With regard to personal injury due to accidents at home, we can find policies that protect us anywhere in the world, and offer us assistance of many types.

When the incident occurs at the home of the insured, he can have physical therapists, ATS, clinic assistants for cures and treatments, and even help with cleaning and care for minor children, among other possibilities.

Pets are also included in the household section that, depending on the company with which the policy is contracted, can offer from a 24-hour veterinary assistance service to civil liability for possible attacks of dogs of breeds considered dangerous.

But one of the most curious is part of the category of family civil responsibility and covers the "crowded of your children in stores", which are, as the name indicates and according to Rastreator, the damage that children can cause in commercial establishments .

And not only that, they can also cover damages to third parties caused by any family member residing in the insured home.

At the end of September, the volume of home insurance premiums was 3,263 million euros, 4.05% more than a year earlier; Of that amount, the new production totaled 442,850 euros, almost 8.2% more than in September 2018.

By channels 207,562 million, almost 1.5% more, were hired by agents and brokers, while 186,974 million arrived through bancassurance, which grew by 14.7%, and just over 48,000 euros were provided by the other channels , which were the fastest growing, 15.7%.


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