Holland smashes Germany (3-0), which does not raise head | sports

Holland smashes Germany (3-0), which does not raise head | sports

The fresh Holland that tries to rebuild Ronald Koeman prolonged the crisis in Germany, who does not raise his head from his bulging topetazo in the World Cup in Russia, where he was eliminated in the first phase. The tough and raw defeat (3-0) at Johan Cruyyf Amsterdam is another tremendous blow for the questioned Joachim Löw. Only the opening arreón of the second time, when they entered Draxler and Sané by Emre Can and Thomas Müller, dignified something to a selection that offers clear symptoms of to have lost the good relation with the ball that crowned champion of the world in 2014. With the result harvested, Germany occupies the last position of its group, surpassed by Holland and France, and its permanence in the first category of the League of Nations.

The speed and skill of Depay, Wijnaldum and Babbel and De Jong's criteria destroyed the Löw team. There were three goals – Van Dijk, at the exit of a corner, and Depay and Wijnaldum in separate counterattacks – but they could be more. The thrashing will open again the spit and the debate on the continuity of Löw, which surpassed the legendary Sepp Herberger as the coach who has led the Mannschaft more times, with 169 games.

The indications of that less forceful, bright and fluid Germany with the ball emerge from the figure of Manuel Neuer. His balls in circumstances in which before he tried to play with the closest partner betray this selection fearful and hesitant. The presence of Kimmich in the midfield, the great novelty of Löw since the World Cup, does not seem enough. She has not remedied the defects that condemned her in Russia. Their midfielders have a hard time running backwards, so Holland found real highways on the sides and in the middle. Müller and Timo Werner, edged in the bands, are two gobs that neither hurt nor help excessively in the defensive tasks. Neither the Hubt tank, the one chosen on this occasion, seems to be the ideal front for the German resurgence.

Germany was wrecked during almost all the first time. A shot by Müller, who tested Cillessen's reflexes, was his only mark in a first act in which German defensive weaknesses frequently flourished. In one of them, a corner defended with laxity, Van Dijk riveted to pleasure and head a rejection from the crossbar after a header from Babbel.

Beyond a Hummels header that took Babbel sticks, did not find the German team some spicy attack until the entrance of Sané and Draxler. The immobilism that Löw is accused of in Germany reflects that he has not yet granted ownership to both. The best minutes of Germany were on the back of Manchester City and the PSG midfielder. Sané had the equalizer after a good pass filtered Kimmich, but crossed too much his shot before the departure of Cillessen. Dumped in the Dutch field in search of a draw, the Dutch counterattacks ended up dynamiting Germany. Depay made it 2-0, could have increased his account with a shot to the crossbar, and Wijnaldum ended up enlarging the German setback even more.

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