May 10, 2021

Hockey: Spain can not beat New Zealand and farewell to the World Cup in deferred | sports

Hockey: Spain can not beat New Zealand and farewell to the World Cup in deferred | sports

The blow for Spanish grass hockey was monumental and cruel. He was left out of the World Cup held in Bhubaneswar (India) because he failed to assert the 2-0 with which he dominated his game against New Zealand and ended up tying two. That result left its luck in the hands of Argentina, already classified as first of group, and that faced France. The French team won by 5-3 that meeting held below and left out of the World Cup to the Spanish team that runs the French Frederic Soyez.

The day ended in the worst possible way for Spain. He had started with a formidable Albert Beltran that seemed to clear the way to the goal of the Spanish team, aware of the need to win after their defeat in the first game against Argentina (4-3) and their draw, in the second, against France (1-1).

The second Spanish goal against New Zealand came in the 27th minute, after an action by the right wing of his attack that ended with a pass back from Nacho Rodríguez that finished in the mouth of goal Álvaro Iglesias.

Qualifying for the knockout stage looked on track but, ten minutes from the end, a loss of ball in attack, led to a phenomenal shot by Hayden Phillips after a service by New Zealand star Kane Russell.

New Zealand, in the absence of nine minutes to go, took risks, replaced his goalkeeper Richard Joyce and gave entry to another field player to have numerical superiority in attack. The strategy worked. Pressed, dominated and Russell got the tie to two, with four minutes remaining, to transform a penalty stroke with a hard low shot.

It was a jug of cold water for the Spanish team that had to be entrusted to the outcome of the match between Argentina and France that was played next. A draw with a few goals would also have given the pass to Spain. But it was not the case. The French team was better and beat Argentina clearly.

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