Hitler's face is found in Puma shoes

The toe and tongue of the Storm Adrenaline model look too much like the bangs and mustache of the Nazi dictator

The mark of Puma shoes it has become a trend on Twitter after several users in Russia detected the amazing resemblance between one of his shoe models and the face of Adolf Hitler.

This model of footwear in question is called Storm Adrenaline. According to Internet users, one of the photos presented by the German brand resembles the portrait of the Nazi genocidal.

From a panoramic view of the shoes can be seen on the toe and tongue of this model of Puma the unmistakable dictator's bangs next to a small mustache.

Among the comments circulating on the networks, many users have recalled that the company founded by brothers Rudolf Dassler and Adolf "Adi" Dassler (who later created Adidas), supported the Nazi regime and they were members of the German National Socialist Party.


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