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Historical marriage petition in 'Pasapalabra'

Histórica petición de matrimonio en ‘Pasapalabra’

Despite the judicial scramble of Supreme Court that could force
Pass word
to suspend
its emissions after violating the rights of the British ITV chain to copy the format, the last installment of the program lived an unusual moment. One of his contestants, José, he asked in marriage to its girlfriend just before starting The Rosco.

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The historic petition He surprised both his host Christian Galvez and the audience. Above all, because according to the participant it was not the first time that he asked the question. It seems that his partner had always said no. So, what better way than to ask again but this time to all of Spain. It was a somewhat risky trick.

'Pasapalabra': Joseph asks his girlfriend to live

'Pasapalabra': Joseph asks his girlfriend to live

"What would you do with 256,000, José?" Christian Galvez asked the contestant just before starting The Rosco. Her answer, nobody expected: "The idea is to ask my wife to marry me. As always tells me no, to see if the child says yes for the money" And is that this contestant from Barcelona whose great achievement has been spending 87 hours on a bicycle to do 1,200 kilometers, received the timid applause of the public who, incredulous, lived this historic moment in Pass word.

"By the way I take advantage and, as this almost nobody sees, that if she wants, for me ahead. With rosco or without it. I can not do more, so there's that left", Concluded his unusual request for marriage.

"If she wants, for me forward. With rosco or without it "

Gálvez, who at first did not believe what he was hearing, finally not only applauded the request but also said that it was "better than [spoiler] of Game of Thrones". Although he warned him ironic: "You came to catch. Maybe you have wrong program because you did not go to First Dates"

Christian Galvez is shocked at Joseph's request for marriage to his girlfriend

Christian Galvez is shocked at Joseph's request for marriage to his girlfriend

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