«His death should not be left on an event page»

«His death should not be left on an event page»

The father of Diana Quer sent a statement on the first anniversary of the discovery of Diana's body "murdered by an inhuman being who, after raping her, hid her body in a well for 500 days, only the extraordinary work of the Civil Guard made it possible arrest of his killer and the location of his body, "he recalls.

Juan Carlos Quer emphasizes that his daughter's wish would be "that his tragic death would not be left in a page of events, in a statistical data, in a matter of regrettable political confrontation".

"It would also be their wish and that of so many other young and innocent children killed that the tragic loss of their lives contributes, at least, to our society taking a step forward and adopting by our political leaders the necessary legal measures to prevent murderers and serial rapists are released without being rehabilitated, to avoid new innocent victims. "

For this reason, Juan Carlos Quer recalls that "as a father and as a citizen" he will continue fighting for the rights of the disappeared and so that the Penal Code will not disappear from the Revisable Permanent Prison, in force for only three years "and that PSOE , Podemos and PNV still intend to repeal incomprehensibly, against the majority opinion of the Spanish and the more than three million people of all ideologies that have supported this initiative to date ".

Diana's father recalls that the permanent pressure reviewable is "a penalty provided for crimes of extraordinary gravity and cruelty that protects the most vulnerable beings in our society" -discapacitados, minors, women-, so that "do not get no dangerous criminal in the street until it is proven in a rigorous and objective way that it is fully rehabilitated. " Also, remember how Laura Luelmo's self-confessed murderer, previously convicted of murdering an elderly woman, "evidenced the need for this Law" after he told the judge who gave him a statement after his arrest: "Do not let me leave, I'll do it again. "

In addition, Quer says that he adds, "like any Spanish with common sense, to all those proposals aimed at the reeducation and reintegration of prisoners as well as the new measures recently announced by the government for their surveillance when they are released. " But he stresses that, logically, "it is not reasonable to repeal the Permanent Reviewable Prison, a law that has an undoubted preventive character, because although it can not avoid the first crime – as it is known, any prison sentence has limited dissuasive effects – yes You can avoid the second, the third … by preventing these unretouched criminals from being put on the street. "

For that reason it calls again to constitute among all, to the margin of ideologies and partisan interests, "a better, more secure and solidary society for our children".

"That is the legacy of my daughter Diana, whose memory will always remain in our hearts, this would be her wish."


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