Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

his best nicknames. Tequila, Algarrobo

his best nicknames. Tequila, Algarrobo

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If you know who Migueli and Uli Stilike was, you liked football between the eighties and the nineties. But if you say your name it comes out Tarzan Migueli or German Stilike Tank is that you also grew up listening to Hector del Mar.,

A generation of soccer fans grew up listening to the journalist who has now died at 76. His narrations were full of nicknames, some of them great.

Arctopus octopus in goal

Algarrobo Arteche was imposed in the defense of Atlético (where he played Llaverito Julio Prieto And popeye Alexanco in Barcelona, ​​where he ended up playing also Boquerón Esteban or Vendaval Quini.

Slow Motion Of The Forest commanded from the center of the field

Puma Santillana and Supersonic Juanito They were the pair of forwards of Real Madrid. Also on the white team he played Pintita Pineda Y Ricardo Pundonor Gallego, Fénomeno Míchel Y Bernard Timón Schuster, Macho Camacho.


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