June 17, 2021

HiperDino goes up to ‘La Guagua de las Promesas’ – La Provincia

He director Global General, Victor Quintana, and the director of Marketing and Communication of HiperDino, Carlos Garcia, have symbolized the agreement by which the Canarian distribution chain, through Fundación Dinosol, joins the solidarity initiative ‘La Guagua de Las Promesas’.

Last Tuesday, September 1, Global launched this campaign with a double objective: to offer an alternative to the traditional pilgrimage to Villa Mariana de Teror on the occasion of the Patron Saint Festivities of Gran Canaria in honor of the Virgin of the Pine, suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic; and fulfill its commitment to contribute to improving the lives of the population.

On these premises the web was born laguaguadelaspromesas.com where all the population, residents and visitors of any island, can register their promises, requests or messages dedicated to the Virgen del Pino. Global agrees to donate one kilo of food for each message received. For its part, HiperDino contributes 25% more than what is collected through registered messages, which will allow reaching more families in need.


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