HiperDino and the City Council of Gáldar collaborate in the wallet card service for social purposes

from left to right Ana Mendoza, Teodoro Sosa, Fernando Cruz and Ruth Catena. C / 7

Fernando Cruz, Teodoro Sosa and Ana Mendoza sealed the agreement at the Consistory facilities and it will be valid for two years with the possibility of extension

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HiperDino and the Gáldar City Council have signed an agreement to collaborate in the chain's wallet card service for social purposes. It is a service that seeks to dignify purchase card users while helping institutions and entities reduce the work of social workers.

The Director of Projects, Institutions and Service Stations of HiperDino,
Ferdinand Cruzthe mayor of the City Council of Gáldar,
Theodore Sosaand the Councilor for Social Services,
Anna Mendozaformalized this agreement this morning.

Ferdinand Cruz He explained that «the HiperDino wallet card was born in 2015 and, since then, there are many institutions and social entities that make use of this service. In 2021 alone, 89,000 Canarian families made use of this aid modality.

He added that “with this new agreement we want to offer an agile and operational tool to the Department of Social Services in caring for families, in addition to making a web portal available to social workers so that they can monitor and control these exchangeable cards. for food and essential products.

For its part,
Theodore Sosa thanked HiperDino for its collaboration and stated that "this agreement will give dignity to the user, who will be able, from anonymity, to go to any of the chain's supermarkets with a HiperDino card that will be automatically recharged from the Department of Services Social".

HiperDino and the City Council of Gáldar collaborate in the wallet card service for social purposes /

. C7

In addition, he stressed that "this agreement also carries with it the limitation of certain products, since it is not about making use of any card, but about making good use of this card for social purposes."

In his speech,
Anna Mendoza He stated that "this card is similar to a bank card and the people who use them will be identified by name and surname, so other people cannot use them."

To conclude, he declared that "I am very happy with this agreement, since it allows us to improve the quality of service provision to the citizens of the municipality."

This agreement will have a duration of two years with the possibility of extension and contemplates the management of the cards and the access and maintenance of a web portal for monitoring and control of the same, in addition to the accompaniment in all the processes by personnel of the chain. specialized in this service.

About HyperDino

HiperDino is the leading chain in the food sector in the Archipelago and the only 100% Canarian regional chain. Currently, it has 231 stores and works with more than 13,000 references, of which 40% correspond to local suppliers.

In addition, it is the leading company in the creation of jobs with more than 8,000 workers.

Present in five of the eight Canary Islands, it reaches seven of them through the hiperdino.es online store. This channel, created in 2015, has all the products from its physical stores and, among the advantages it brings, the customer receives the purchase the day after it has been made.

Likewise, it has two exclusive preparation centers for online purchases and 34 DinoShop franchise stores.

Through the DinoSol Foundation, it collaborates in solidarity with various actions supporting the social and cultural development of the Canary Islands, and pays special attention to the people who are part of HiperDino.

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