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High voltage canary surf in La Ccer - La Provincia

High voltage canary surf in La Ccer - La Provincia

The last test of the national surf circuit The Liga FeSurfing 2018 began today, Saturday, December 8 with the celebration of the Open LPA Surf City 2018 that the seat was beach of La Cícer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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With an inscription of 55 competitors the first day of this national surfing event began from the first hour with the checking of the competitors and with that the competition was opened with the dispute of the previous rounds in the open male category.

With some ideal conditions of waves and wind, and a temperature of 25º C, the beach of La Cícer became the perfect place to put the finishing touch to the national surf calendar. The Avenue of the Beach of Las Canteras, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, brought together hundreds of surfers and walkers who enjoyed each of the actions of the riders in competition. A first day that would serve to develop the competition in the open male category that started with good conditions and the sea the high tide phase.

The locals Julian Cuello, the brothers Marqués and the champion of the 2017 edition, Luis Díaz, were the first favorites to enter the water easily solving their pass to round 2. But all the focus was on the recent champion of Spain, Yael Peña, who came to this Gran Canaria appointment to open Spain title. The Tenerife who competed in round 2 secured his pass with a consistent surf ensuring with long waves his score against Sebas Brugmans who would get the second position. The Sevillian Juanjo Fernandez, second classified in the national ranking, showed his great form in this final stretch of the season by scoring 12.65 in his debut in the championship, one of the highest points of the day. In the same line, the Basque Bitor Garitaonandia had no problem in adapting quickly to the waves of La Cícer and occupying the first place in his first round. One of the strongest locals was Julian Cuello who
in the second round he would maintain a hard duel with the also Canary Moises Dominguez who exceeded by tenths to conquer again the first place in his sleeve. The Arunquense Antonio Marques and Luis Diaz would be the last favorites to get their pass to the quarterfinals.

Some quarter finals that began with the surprise of the elimination of the Basque Bitor Garitaonandia that did not get any wave that would allow him to develop the surf to which he has accustomed us. With a firm step, the locals Julián Cuello, Mirko Manduca, Víctor Sánchez and the Andalusian Juanjo Fernández were the first to be among the best 16 in the championship.

The most spectacular round of this first day was the one that united the winner of the 2017 edition, Luis Díaz, with the new champion of La Liga FeSurfing 2018, Yael Peña. Out of the water the expectation was maximum to enjoy these two figures of the new generation of Canarian surfers who competed at the highest level and who played the pass to the semifinals. Luis Diaz, knowing this wave better than anyone, knew how to take advantage of this condition and managed to overcome the Tenerife that occupied the second place, placing both riders in the semifinals. The last two riders to certify their move to the semifinals were Carlos Marques and Fynn Miller, which ended the first day of competition in this way.

Parallel to the surfing championship, the first knock-offs of the paddle tournament in pairs have been developed during this first day. Taking advantage of the low tide and on the shore of La Cícer the 10 registered couples that kept interesting duels in the preliminary phase of the tournament. The players were entertained from the avenue of Las Canteras by the public that enjoyed the spectacularity of this beach discipline.

The day of Sunday will have the disputes of the semi-final tables in men and the semifinals in women where the Tenerife Melania Suarez is the favorite to become the Spanish women's surfing champion 2018. Day in which a pioneer event will take place in the Canary Islands , is none other than the celebration of the National Championship of Bodysurf 2018. An Open LPA Surf City 2018 that will close with the delivery of trophies in the avenue of Las Canteras at approximately 5:00 pm.

The Open LPA Surf City 2018, is promoted by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria through its Insular Institute of sports, the councils of Sports with its Municipal Institute of Sports, City of Sea and Youth of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. An edition organized by the Spanish Surfing Federation and the Canarian Surf Federation, with the collaboration of Mercedes Benz, Sock'M, Rider Sandals and Gatorade.


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