May 10, 2021

High Commissioner of UNHCR recognizes the welcome of Peru to thousands of Venezuelans

High Commissioner of UNHCR recognizes the welcome of Peru to thousands of Venezuelans

The Deputy High Commissioner for Operations of the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR), George Okoth-Obbo, today acknowledged the reception given by the Peruvian government to thousands of Venezuelan migrants, during a visit to the headquarters of Migrations in the border with Ecuador.

Okoth-Obbo positively assessed the Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP) granted by the Peruvian government to Venezuelan migrants, who are fleeing from the humanitarian crisis in their country, and the work of the National Superintendency of Migration, informed this entity in a note press.

The high commissioner recalled that Peru has received more than 500,000 Venezuelans and that this means "many challenges to face, such as migratory regularization and provide documentation."

He also highlighted the investment to expand the capacity of attention in the Binational Border Care Center (CEBAF) of the northern city of Tumbes to register the entry of migrants from Ecuador.

Okoth-Obbo held a meeting with the National Superintendent of Migration, Roxana Del Águila, to discuss the conditions under which Venezuelan migrants arrived in Peru and the actions for their regularization, at the end of which she assured her that the government will continue counting with the help of the UNHCR and the international community.

According to figures offered last week during the VIII Ibero-American Meeting of Migration Authorities (RIAM), held in Lima, in Peru there are currently close to 600,000 Venezuelans, a figure that is only surpassed by Colombia, which receives 1.15 million.

The PTP will be issued by Peru until December 31 and there are around 170,000 Venezuelan migrants who have entered the country, but have not yet processed it, according to figures from the Migration office.

About 140,000 Venezuelans have the permit, and another 245,000 have started the process or have appointments to begin this process.


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