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Candela Peña in the role of his honor.

Candela Peña in the role of his honor.

The second season of the series created by the Coira brothers has improved the audience numbers of the first, they point out from the digital platform, something that is not easy at all. For this reason and for the good reviews it has garnered, the question arises as to why not a third installment. The chain and the producers conclude this adventure, but unknowns arise. Candela Peña affirms that nobody has told her that there will not be more judges.

The textual message of Movistar Plus about the pull of the Hierro series leaves no room for doubt: "In its second season it is already the most watched series this 2021 on the Movistar + platform." The data is really significant because it does not refer only to the fact that it is the most consumed original Spanish fiction, but it has also surpassed the other great North American and European premieres that this platform has launched in the last three months, something that is not easy to do. achieve. "This second season has improved the figures of the first", a demonstration that it is an addictive series, "since it points to a high volume of loyal customers who follow it week after week", as highlighted by the platform.

The truth is that it is not very common for a series to be seen more in its second season than in the first, but Hierro has succeeded. A question that is due, as some understand, to the enormous quality of the story and the way it has been narrated by its creators, the brothers Pepe and Jorge Coira, and of course to the magnificent interpretation of Candela Peña, that judge who discovers that something is wrong on that little Atlantic island, and Darío Grandinetti, that great cynic, a bad guy with a huge soul.

Regarding the farewell to Hierro, the screenwriter Pepe Coira points out that it responds to “a decision made by everyone, both from the chain and the producers”, an exercise of prudence. In keeping with his brother, director Jorge Coira, he understands that “the series has very defined human elements” and is set in the physical and social universe of an island like El Hierro, with very calm rhythms, “it cannot become a stage permanent of crimes ”. And since it was not advisable to be twisting the argument with a succession of homicides, for this second season they used a parallel plot, that of a family embroiled by the custody of their two daughters and thus give continuity to the viewer.

And they argue that it is increasingly difficult not to repeat themselves, to complicate themselves, and hence that "we have come this far." However, given the success of the series, the doubt still persists and the question of whether or not there will be a third season of Hierro is not completely clear. Speaking to El Confidencial, actress Candela Peña stated: "I have not been told that there will not be more judges." What's more, he also discovered that two endings had been recorded.

The Herreño Cabildo asks for the Garoé Gold Medal for the series

The president of the Herreño Cabildo, Alpidio Armas, will raise a proposal to the plenary session aimed at granting the Hierro series of the Garoé Gold Medal. By the way, Armas points out that this distinctive comes, in general, “to recognize the contribution of people, institutions and groups in the enhancement of the island's cultural, patrimonial, social and identity values, and I believe that if there has been an event , in this audiovisual case, which has transformed and strengthened the knowledge of the island's values ​​has been, without a doubt, this series in which one of the main protagonists is El Hierro, its people and its landscape ”. After finishing the second season, Armas expresses its satisfaction with the successes of "a series that all of us from El Herrera see as something of ours by collecting our idiosyncrasies in a kind, pleasant and real way," he points out. The president wanted to highlight the sensitivity shown by its creators, the brothers Jorge and Pepe Coira, of the Portocabo production company, the decisive and inalienable support of Movistar + and Canal Arte and, of course, to the entire interpretation, production and technician who made a second season possible, "resisting all the impediments derived from Covid-19 that endangered its continuity, but it was the resistance of an entire team that made it possible for this second installment to see the light." In particular, the president of the Herreño Council wanted to express his express gratitude to Candela Peña and Dario Grandinetti, his main protagonists from the beginning, “who not only brilliantly interpreted their respective roles in the series, but also came to live with the island, admiring it and loving it, aspects common to its creators, actors who accompanied them and the entire film crew ”. And he continues: “It is a series that we consider as part of our being and that has already garnered recognition and awards from different film and television academies, but which has also been the best award for an entire island that has been put on the map at a national and international level and whose promotional contribution as a tourist destination is clearly priceless. Now it is our turn to thank them for what they have done for us ”, concludes Armas. |


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