Hidalgo: "The EC should not change its regulation; If Iberia can not operate, here is Air Europa "| Companies

Hidalgo: "The EC should not change its regulation; If Iberia can not operate, here is Air Europa "| Companies

Torpedo of Air Europa against Iberia in the heat of debate on the consequences that can have a Brexit hard about the holding airline IAG. The president of the first, Juan José Hidalgo, has put maximum pressure in affirming this afternoon that awaits the utmost rigor of the European Commission in the study of the property and control structure of Iberia once the United Kingdom leaves the EU and that the shareholders of that country cease to be considered community. "The Commission is very hard, I hope there are no scams", has indicated.

Hidalgo has expressed this demand in an interview offered to TVE 24 Hour Channel, which has also left in defense of the current EU regulations on shareholding and effective control of airlines. The latter reflects that more than 50% of the shares are in the hands of investors in the European economic area, while monitoring that effective control does not fall on entities from third countries: "Why is this regulation going to change? I defend because it also suits Air Europa as a Spanish airline, "asserted Hidalgo.

The Government is clearly aligned with the defense of Iberia's Spanishness, with the departure of practically all the ministers to declare their conviction that it will continue to fly

In recent months, both the management of Iberia and the Spanish Ministry of Development try to show in Brussels that this regulation, dating from the forties, is obsolete in view of the fact that large European groups of the sector are listed on the Stock Exchange. In the same line, to argue the impossibility of controlling the nationality of the shareholders, the Government of Ireland works to defend the flight certificates of Ryanair or Aer Lingus.

Iberia has already elaborated a report for the EC, that previously has delivered to the Spanish Government, in which he defends his pedigree of an EU company, domiciled in Spain, which pays taxes in this country and which operates from the beginning with a Spanish certificate. With respect to control structures, the majority of voting rights are in the hands of Garanair, a company linked to the Spanish group The English Court.

Strategic company for Spain

With 17,000 employees and a leader in the South Atlantic corridor, in addition to opening the way to Asia with its connections with China and Japan, which was a flag carrier plays a decisive role in the connectivity of Spain with the rest of the world.

"The Commission is very hard, I hope there are no scams," said the president of Air Europa

The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, has pointed out in recent days that Spanish airlines that could be affected by the Brexit are working to adapt their capital structures to the demands of the EC. In any case, the granting and monitoring of air operator certificates is in the hands of Development, through the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). The EC, however, has the power to require the revision of those permits that allow flying in the skies of the EU.

Although the Government is clearly aligned with the Spanishness of Iberia, and all the ministers have practically come out to declare their conviction that the IAG company will not have problems to continue with its normal activity, Hidalgo has indicated that, if the certificate goes down of the aerial operator of the largest Spanish long-distance company, Air Europa "It will be there as a Spanish airline". The businessman says he has the ability to put a fleet into play "much more modern than Iberia" in only six months.

Air Europe wait seven new aircraft and its owner has assured that it will incorporate 1,000 new workers. The firm of the Hidalgo family plans to offer a 8.5% extra seats, with respect to 2018, on long-haul flights. For this he has five new Boeing 787-9 with capacities between 330 and 340 passengers.

Your route plan is to open in June connections with Iguazú and Medellín, at the same time that it will have five weekly frequencies to Panama and has put more capacity between Spain and Cuba. Already in North Africa and Europe, the company presided over by Juan José Hidalgo anticipates the arrival of Casablanca, Tunisia, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Athens. "We have earned what we have with our sweat, the same now falls the manna from heaven", said Hidalgo in reference to a hypothetical cancellation of Iberia's flight rights.

Regarding the Globalia group, it foresees a 10% growth in the net profit in 2019. Javier Hidalgo, son of the patriarch, has taken the reins of the holding as CEO and is strengthening his participation. Last September, Globalia signed Juan Arrizabalaga, who had been in charge of Altadis for five years, to share the management with Hidalgo.

Claim to Venezuela

Juan José Hidalgo has taken advantage of his speech at TVE to demand that Venezuela pay 200 million dollars (about 176 million euros) and has stressed that your company will be ready to leave the country in case of conflict. Days ago, the Sepla union demanded that the crews stop spending the night in Caracas, a measure that Iberia took as soon as the conflict broke out.

Air Europa intends to continue operating in Venezuela, specifically on the Madrid-Caracas line: "We are not going to give up an operation that is important for the company".


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