Hidalgo presents a list to the PSOE of the capital with 60% related

Archive image of Augusto Hidalgo in an act of the Capital City Council. / arcadio suarez

The socialists of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hold the assembly on Friday to elect the new executive

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

On Friday, April 29,
the socialists of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria they will vote for a single list to lead the party in the capital. It is the executive candidacy headed by the mayor,
Augustus Hidalgofruit of the agreement closed before the insular congress and that allowed Sebastián Franquis to revalidate his condition as leader of the PSOE of Gran Canaria without the need for primaries.

The list, which is expected to be presented today, will be made up of
60% of members of the Hidalgo sector and 40% related to Franquis. At the moment, the executive proposal that will be presented to the assembly is not closed, in the absence of fully defining the names of the secretaries and the people who will occupy them.

It is known that the
'number two' will be the current Councilor for Sports of the Capital City Council,
Aridani Romero, who was already Secretary of Organization in the current executive, but resigned in February 2020 for "personal reasons", as he explained at the time. As deputy secretary, the current local leader and vice president of the Cabildo, Miguel Ángel Pérez, from the Franquis sector, joins the Hidalgo team.

hidalgo wants one
petite executive so that it is "agile and operational, because that facilitates day to day, that it can meet on a weekly basis, and with permanent structures that collaborate closely with the municipal group", as he himself pointed out. In any case, it is expected to have 30-32 people.

With his appointment as leader in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the largest socialist group in the Canary Islands, the mayor has a clear path to, according to the agreement reached with the island secretary, have unhindered access to the candidacy for the Presidency of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria Canaria in the next regional and local elections next year.

Elections in Telde

In the case of
Teldethe Juan Negrín Group arrives today at
primaries with the party sectioned into two completely opposed sides. Initially, it was not expected that the current local secretary,
Alexander Ramoshad an opponent, since Telde was one of the municipalities in which an agreement was closed before the insular congress.

However, in recent weeks old conflicts have been unearthed and the councilor
Agustin Deniz He presented his candidacy yesterday. Although it had been proposed that the head of the alternative list be Juan Carlos Pérez, critics have finally opted for Déniz.

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