September 22, 2020

Hiannick Kamba’s ‘fake accident’: footballer found dead in 2016 found alive – La Provincia

Sometimes there is news that surpasses fiction. It is the case of which the player of soccer Hiannick Kamba, who after giving him up for dead in 2016 has reappeared in Germany.

Kamba is of Congolese origin, but played soccer for the German team Schalke 04. Until January 2016, when he traveled to Democratic Republic of Congo, where he suffered an assumption traffic accident that cost him his life.

Four years later, the player who had mourned his departure has reappeared in Ruhr, where he works as a chemical technician in a energy supplier since his disappearance, as reported by the German newspaper Bild.

In the investigation of his death, it is collected that he traveled to his native country “without documents, without money and without a mobile phone”, as the prosecutor has declared Anette Milk, and the main hypothesis is that Kamba’s ex-wife planned everything to collect the money from the sure death, having to face this against the Congolese justice for insurance fraud while studying whether the documents proving death were falsified or provided by a corrupt body.

Kamba, who has a 10-year-old son with whom he was his wife, will attend as a witness after reporting as early as 2018 to the German embassy in Kinshasa of the fake news about his death claiming that his own friends abandoned him to his fate in the Congo.


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