August 12, 2020

Hezbollah rejects the possible resignation of the Government in Lebanon

The leader of the Lebanese Shiite group Hizbullah, Hasan Nasralá, said today his rejection of a possible resignation of the Lebanese government, ensuring that time to resolve the crisis is pressing amid protests that broke out on Thursday night.

“We do not support the resignation of the current government. If you resign, there will be no new one before one or two years and time is short, ”Nasralá said in a television speech.

The Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, yesterday gave a 72-hour ultimatum to the political parties that are part of the government coalition to unlock the measures and reforms he has proposed to tackle the economic crisis amid a wave of protests in the country.

Nasralá said that "the formation of a new political cabinet will change nothing and will only waste time while one of technocrats, as some request, will not last more than two weeks and they will be the first to request his resignation."

"The problem is not at the level of the composition of the government but in the way of working," he added, urging "to adopt a plan in which everyone makes sacrifices and not just the people. We will defend all difficult measures and reforms if they are honest, ”he said.

For two days, Lebanon has been demonstrations against the Government and the imposition of new taxes after the cabinet announced its intention to assess telephone calls through internet messaging services such as WhatsApp, a measure that it subsequently withdrew.

"All those in power must assume, to different degrees, what is happening today," Nasralá added.

"There are two major dangers, one economic and monetary collapse and the other a popular deflagration especially for the new taxes to the poor class or limited income," he said.

The Government was trying to raise $ 200 million for its battered coffers in the country, which is in a deep economic crisis.

Lebanon is one of the most indebted countries in the world, with around $ 86 billion of debit, about 150 percent of the Gross Domestic Producer, and its sovereign debt does not reach the level of junk bond.

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