August 5, 2021

Hevia, dismissed as president of the SGAE – La Provincia

Hevia, dismissed as president of the SGAE - La Provincia

The piper José Ángel Hevia has been dismissed as president of the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) after the Board of Directors has approved a motion of censure against him registered the previous week by a total of 18 members of this board, as confirmed by Europa Press sources present at the meeting.

Sources of the society explained on Tuesday to Europa Press that in the agenda set by the president his relay would also be voted, in case the motion prospers.

One of the members of the board of directors – and the board of directors – that has supported this motion of censure, Antonio Onetti (College of Audiovisual Works), already confirmed in statements to Europa Press that he will be one of the candidates for the presidency Should this initiative succeed.

"If it goes ahead, I will be one of the candidates and I aspire to get enough support. This is not another of the wars of the SGAE, but a natural consequence of such an intense stage of Hevia in which the expectations have not been fulfilled: to distance the intervention of Culture. Now we are in another phase of the game, "wrote the scriptwriter.

Onetti understands that, with the intervention of Culture already requested to the judge, the terms to summon the motion "They must be imminent". "We are still in a critical situation and that was the big goal that Hevia had to fulfill, we need a change of rudder," he said.

So, you see "able to try to straighten" SGAE despite this intervention and other controversies surrounding the entity, such as the night collection party known as La Rueda. "From now on, with the top of the Intellectual Property Law, everything will be much simpler, all this night music will fade and finding a much smaller size," he said.

Hevia: "Personalist attitude"

For its part, another of the members of the board of directors that has supported the motion, Fermín Cabal (Colegio Gran Derecho), was moving to Europa Press, which will lend its support to Onetti, should the initiative go ahead. "He is my candidate and has competence for that position," he said.

Cabal remembered that Hevia "He has been given a margin of confidence" by the board, but after "committing serious errors" considers that "is not the right person" to chair the SGAE. "We have a criterion of when things are done well and, in my opinion, Hevia has had a very paternalistic performance, it's not about the SGAE of the musicians," he concluded.

Hevia and "personal anxieties"

For his part, after hearing the record of a motion of censure against him, Hevia lamented that "personal anxieties" to reach the presidency of the entity "play at a convulsive moment". However, he assured that, if this initiative were to go ahead, he would leave "happy not to have yielded to personal interests".

"The motion of censorship is a natural thing in an association that is governed by democratic principles and those who present it have their right to do so." The truth is that, with what is happening in the SGAE, it is very difficult to live with a cross of interests that goes to more, in spite of the façade of consensus of the board ", pointed the piper.


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