"He's reminding me of Coutinho"

The former Brazilian footballer reviews in an act all the news of Barcelona

Rivaldo has reviewed much of Barça's news this Thursday. In an act with Betfair, of which he is ambassador, the former Barça player has spoken of Antoine Griezmann, Coutinho and Braithwaite. "His first season is reminding me of Coutinho", confessed about French

"From a world champion well adapted to Spanish football, a greater impact was expected, especially this season in which Coutinho himself is no longer there, Suárez is not there or Dembélé does not play due to injury", he argues in statements to Betfair.

Despite the fact that everyone expected much more from a player who arrived with the mission of making Neymar forget, Rivaldo asks for patience with Griezmann and does not consider leaving the Frenchman. "I still think he can make a difference in the eventual absence of Messi, so we must wait for him to adapt a little more to Barcelona, ​​its style and tactical system. It has quality to spare to perform at a good level ”he points out. Of course, he considers that the former Atlético de Madrid must commit a little more.

During the act, there was also time to talk about Coutinho, whom he urges to fight to stay in Barcelona as long as the Bayern do not exercise the purchase option. “He must fight to continue in the club and try to convince Barcelona of its virtues. That should be your ultimate challenge. A way to show your personality as a player ", he said about his compatriot.

“I hope that your experience in the Bundesliga has made you wake up and realize the reality. That Barcelona could be the ideal place for him, to shine once and for all in European football. I still believe in his abilities, but it will also depend a lot on his mental strength and what he wants to demonstrate to his critics that he can really be differential in any club ”, Add.

Precisely the possible return of Coutinho to Barcelona is, for Rivaldo, a news that can affect badly Braithwaite, the latest signing of the blaugrana.

"As soon as Suarez recovers and if Coutinho is given a chance next season, I think that may lead to his being forgotten. Because, in addition, better players will come and may not have the same opportunities to compete as now, to try to play an important role in Setien's plans ”, settled the ambassador of Betfair.


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