Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

"He's here on his own merits"

"He's here on his own merits"

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Zinedine compared his son Luca with Dani Carvajal, noting that he is a squad player who has grown up in the Real Madrid academy until reaching the first team, defending his right to play as he did against Huesca. "Those who know me know that Luca is here on his own merits and nothing else, he's been a player of this club for 16 years, just as we talked about the quarry, of Carvajal and many players, Luca is one of them, nothing more. . People want to go personal ", the coach said when asked about his son.

The coach added that the team will fight to stay in the best possible position: It is very difficult to win the League but we will fight anyway to stay as high as possible. I have experienced complicated situations as a player and I know that everything can happen. We have to do well, yes or yes, independently of the other teams. "


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