"He's a boy full of qualities"

"He's a boy full of qualities"

Former President of the Government José María Aznar said Monday that Santiago Abascal, the leader of the right-wing party Vox, is "a boy full of qualities."

Aznar was interviewed on Monday by Ana Rosa Quintana in his television program on the occasion of his new book The future is today, which will be presented on Tuesday by the current leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

The former president, who has ruled out his "way back" to the PP, has praised Casado, who said he meets "all the necessary conditions to be a great leader" and has entrusted the mission of "rebuilding" the Party Popular.

The president of FAES has emphasized the "re-foundation of the center-right in Spain, which is "divided into three", referring to the right-wing party Vox, the PP and Citizens. He has also compared the current situation of the bloc to when he began to preside over the match. The politician has attributed the merit of unifying "everything that was to the right of the left" during his term.

When asked by Santiago Abascal, he has referred to his father, Santiago Abascal Escuza, as "an extraordinary person" and has excused the current president of Vox, who referred to the Popular Party as "the right coward" in his Last rally in Vistalegre. "It is his way of expressing himself in the rallies", assured the former president, who recognizes that "all the votes" of this formation are "old votes" of the PP.

The far right formation would obtain 5.1% of the votes according to the last Metroscopy survey, which would mean multiplying by 20 the results of the previous elections.


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