Hermann Tertsch launches a campaign full of hoaxes in the European Parliament to "protect the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen"

Vox MEP Hermann Tertsch has sent an email to all MEPs and their collaborators an email about the "alarming developments in Spain". In a text full of inaccuracies and falsehoods about the draft Democratic Memory law, which in no case is attached to its message.

In his text, Tertsch compares "the desecration of the grave [de Franco]"with the persecution of Christians in the thirties of the last century", when, he affirms, "socialists, communists and anarchists in Spain murdered more than 12,000 priests and nuns, dozens of bishops and high clergymen".

The Vox MEP defends that the "European Parliament should ask the radical left government in Spain to stop trying to impose the myths and lies of communism as official truth and put an end to its attempt to repress the truth and start the judicial prosecution of historical facts ".

Furthermore, Tertsch attributes content to the law that does not appear in the text.

"It is a reconstructed ideological version of the past and of the history of Spain. It is the version of the Popular Front, the government led by communists that lost a civil war after kidnapping and destroying democracy." False. The Popular Front Government won the 1936 elections, with 4.6 million votes (47.03%) and 263 seats; against the CEDA and its allies, a National Front that won 4.5 million votes (46.48%) and 156 seats. What Tertsch does not say in his letter either is that the Civil War occurred after a military coup on July 17, 1936 committed by General Franco against a legitimate government and that, on the other hand, it could hardly be led by communists when the PCE won 17 seats - compared to 99 for the PSOE, for example - and entered the Government in September, after the coup and when the Civil War had already begun. And he did it with two portfolios of 14: health and education (public instruction).

"The new law imposes a partial, unilateral, unfair, manipulated and sectarian version. As specified in the draft bill, contradicting the law - any offense by citizens - will be sanctioned with penalties that could reach € 150,000". False. The law provides penalties of between 10,001 to 150,000 euros for offenses classified as "very serious". And what are those? Basically, the transfer of victims without authorization, the destruction of victims' graves, the destruction of places of memory and the authorization or participation in acts that "incite the exaltation of the Civil War or the Dictatorship, when it involves discrediting, disparagement or humiliation. of the victims or their families ".

"Any citizen who does not support, follow and obey the biased and false version of the 'governmental truth', that of the Popular Front on the past, the republic, the Civil War and the Franco regime will be severely sanctioned." False. The law does not oblige any citizen to "support, follow and obey" anything. It only condemns "the apology of the Franco regime and the direct or indirect incitement to hatred or violence against the victims of the coup, the Spanish civil war or the Franco regime." And it extinguishes those associations or foundations that do so.

"For this, among the 66 points of the bill by which the Spanish social-communist government intends to impose the bases to build a collective memory for all Spaniards, it also provides for the creation of a 'Specialized Prosecutor's Office for democratic memory and human rights'. False. The Office of the Prosecutor is created "to investigate the events that occurred during the Civil War and the Dictatorship, including those that took place until the Constitution came into force, which constitute violations of human rights and International Humanitarian Law. this Prosecutor's Office will also be assigned functions of promoting the processes of search for the victims of the facts under investigation, in coordination with the organs of the different administrations with powers on this matter, to achieve their proper identification and location ". In other words, it is a Prosecutor's Office to repair the victims, not to "impose the bases to build a collective memory for all Spaniards."

"As Lenin described in The tasks of youth organizations, the communist social government of Spain intends to use the school to build that collective memory. It intends that the next generations of young Spaniards are subordinate to its doctrines and it intends to link them to it in each step of their studies, education and training ". False Regardless of the fact that Lenin's writing spoke of the duties and the formation of the Communist Youth, Not of the educational tasks of the Governments, the draft law establishes the following: "The Spanish educational system will include among its purposes the knowledge of the history and of the Spanish democratic memory and the fight for democratic values ​​and freedoms."

"To these terrifying measures is added the 'resignification' of the Valley of the Fallen (a monument of the civil war on the outskirts of Madrid where soldiers from both sides are buried, the nationalist side and the Republican side)". False. Only the Franco regime defines the Valley of the Fallen as an integrating monument. And what the MEP does not say is that it was raised thanks to the forced labor of the losers of the Civil War, nor does it say that what it is is a mausoleum of the dictator Franco while the bones of thousands of losing victims that turn the basilica into a gigantic mass grave. And what does the text mean by "resignification"? Converting the Valley into "a place of democratic memory with a pedagogical purpose", while "recognizing the right of relatives to recover the remains of their ancestors."

Government [...] contemplates the removal of the emblematic cross of the Valley of the Fallen, which is considered the tallest Christian cross in the world. This alleged forced destruction of the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Cross of the Valley of the Fallen is a barbarism and a violation of religious freedom without parallel in Europe. False. Neither in the draft bill nor in any statement by any member of the Government has the "removal of the emblematic cross" been announced. Indeed, "the alleged destruction" is just that, a supposed destruction by Vox.


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