“Here they do hideous things”

It has been more than 50 days since the Cumbre Vieja volcano will erupt. On the night of this Thursday, November 11, ‘Late Motiv‘ from Movistar +, directed by the comedian Andreu Buenafuente premiered the program that was filmed on La Palma.

“Everyone speaks highly of palm trees and palm trees to me. I want to congratulate you for that sense of community, for that capacity for resistance or resilience, which is the new concept that is the same, but remains as that you know more, “began with his monologue the Catalan comedian who wanted to be close to people and, to do so, tried to help them disconnect.

“Park the comedy to make an outreach program”. Despite the fact that at first he wanted to do an outreach program, the neighbors of La Palma wanted to smile again: “Everyone told us that it was good that we came to do comedy. We already know the problem because we are. Living So we want comedy. Here we are two funny and two funny to make you laugh in this hostile environment “.

The comedian has highlighted the important role that the population has assumed and wanted to remember the anonymous people who rescued the dogs that were in danger from the lava of the volcano: “Here you do scary things, the rescue of the dogs has been hideous. ”

“In the middle of the mess, when it is said you cannot enter, and there are some who rescue dogs, who were safe with flip-flops stepping on the lava, with dogs there and here, and they have time to put the Team A Wonderful!”, the presenter pointed out.

The comedian also shared with those present another of the most outstanding news that had occurred during these last 55 days, the council of the Cabildo de la Gomera to “bomb the volcano”: “Everything that comes from here is beautiful. The Cabildo de la Gomera thing, the bombing of the island … Wonderful. That’s unbeatable“.

“I even this man to have the whim, to drop four bombs. Total, more mess. It will have to be tested technologically. He is right, we have the bombs stopped in the army and then they are passed, they are like the fire extinguisher. you want, throw it in the crater “, has defended.

“You are going to come out of this with two legs. Now let’s laugh. Whatever happens, surely there are some aliens upstairs who look here and see a little fire,” said the comedian.


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