her performance in 'Campeones', 'Pieles', 'Vis a vis' and 'Paquita Salas' leaves an indelible mark on the screen

her performance in 'Campeones', 'Pieles', 'Vis a vis' and 'Paquita Salas' leaves an indelible mark on the screen

The world of cinema today is once again in mourning. At 5:39 in the morning, the film director, Frankie De Leonardis, communicated the worst news through its social networks: the talented actress Itziar Castro had died. The director of her representation agency, Gabriela Defty, reported on her behalf that it could be due to "heart failure", although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Many people have reacted to this sad news. Especially colleagues from the world of cinema who couldn't believe this "sudden and cruel blow"as I pointed out Santiago Segura in a post on his Instagram.

Itziar Castro, history of interpretation

Although Itziar Castro began to become better known after her role in 'Skins'an opportunity that Eduardo Casanova offered her and a film for which she was nominated at the Goya Awards a best new actress in 2017, the truth is that his professional career began in 2002 with his participation in 'Night out'. Since then, she has played many roles in numerous series and films. Well, he was present in the feature films 'El gran Vázquez', 'Águila Roja: la film' and 'Snow White', before participating in 'Matar a Dios', 'Campeones', 'Historias lamentables' and 'A full train! Destination Asturias', among many others.

Itziar Castro also had a long career in terms of series. Already in 2005 he participated in a cameo of 'Hospital Central' and in the series 'Something to celebrate', before going through 'Paquita Salas' in 2018. Just a year later one of his most popular roles would arrive: the interpretation of Goya Fernández in 'Vis a vis'. Last year she also made a brief appearance on 'The one that is coming' giving life to the character of Manoli Prieto.

Itziar Castro discovered that he had lipedema in confinement and is already undergoing treatmentThe reason

On television it was also 'Operation Triumph' acting teacher in 2018 and in 2019 it became contributor from Risto Mejide's program, 'Everything is a lie'.

Itziar Castro left an enormous legacy, not only for the sake of acting, but also in his fight against fatphobia and in favor of feminism. This is how he claimed his message at the last Goya gala, held this year in Seville, in statements to Spanish Television: "We must make all bodies diverse like the reality we live in now"You don't have to have quotas, you have to have variety."