May 18, 2021

Henry: "Why will not Atlético win the Champions?" | sports

Henry: "Why will not Atlético win the Champions?" | sports

Although the two dressed in black and watched the game provided under coats reinforced against the cold, Thierry Henry and Diego Simeone seemed rather little during the 90 minutes. The picture of the Frenchman almost always drew him with open arms and the gesture of the crooked face, as if he did not understand what was happening. He looked at his players as if the body asked him to stop the game, grab them by the waist and move them around the field as if it were a driver's car. "I've seen him as if he were just another player," joked Henry, referring to Simeone's behavior, hyperactive, as always, throughout the night.

"The game was very good until the 70th minute. We interpreted well how to start, where to hurt them in the offensive part, and we had mobility to look for the spaces because they were locked up," El Cholo ripped off, before qualifying what it was that He made everything change in those final minutes. "We ran out of energy," he said; "The clash on Saturday against Barca was very hard, the team was left without energy and the rival, as in all Champions League games, grew," he added later.

The reality is that the penalty indicated by the Finnish referee, Matthias Gestranius, who cost the second yellow card to Savic, could well change the sign of the game if Falcao had been successful in converting it. But the Colombian missed his third shot in Champions (the largest number of failures in the competition) and the reaction was canceled. "I remember the moments lived with the team, the affection of the people, who in all the time has shown me. I am very grateful to all of them, I take this nice memory with me, "confessed the Colombian, who before the meeting received a plaque from Diego Godín, for his time as rojiblanco (2011-2013).

"The most important thing was to be in the second round, especially after what happened last year," added Griezmann, recalling the last elimination in the group stage, the only one the Red and Whites have not overcome in the last six seasons, the seventh in nine participations. "It is true that we have relaxed and when this happens, anyone hurts us. But we have to stay with the great first part we have done, "said the Frenchman, who scored his fourth goal in this phase, matching his best record so far, achieved in the 2015-2016 academic year.

"We've been a little shy," Henry dared to say, referring to the bad start of his team's game, which conceded two goals in 25 minutes. The first, Koke, the fastest in the history of the rojiblanco team in the Champions League. "They put a goal so early and everything is more difficult," lamented Henry, who, however, wanted to leave a message for Atlético fans. "Why will not they win the Champions? Of course, the final is also in his stadium, "said the Frenchman, although yes, there was a but waiting "Although what I'm going to say about Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid … There are many teams that can win it," he added later.

"It was a magical night", defined by Correa, in an excess of hype for a match that the Athletic had controlled from the beginning and in which he did not come to falter even with one player less in the last bars. And although Simeone appeared before Henry, as if they had exchanged messages telepathically (in addition to agreeing with the black of his dress) he replied to his colleague about the candidacy for the title: "It is useless to delude ourselves with the final, and imagine that we will play it in our house because reality is what counts and that will be what we obey. "

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