October 22, 2020

Helicopter company decides to suspend all its flights Ceuta-Andalusia

The helicopter company Hélity, the only one that provided regular helicopter flight service in Spain, has today decided to suspend all its trips to Malaga airport and the Algeciras (Cádiz) heliport.

In a statement, Hélity Copter Airlines has indicated that the entry into force of the royal decree of the state of alarm has motivated the company to decide today to suspend all its air links with the Peninsula.

Hélity has indicated that only helicopter maintenance tasks will be carried out and that, through the website, it will update any changes in the situation.

Meanwhile, the offices and places of attention to the public of the company will also remain closed during this same period as well as communication via email.

Hélity added that the company’s air resources will remain at the disposal of the authorities for what they deem appropriate, with necessary crews activated and aircraft ready.

This situation has motivated Ceuta to be left without an air link as a consequence of the pandemic.


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