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It is recommended to avoid both shoes that are too flat and heels of more than 4 centimeters

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The heels are very prettyand an elegant pair can seem perfect to complete a good dress, as well as a powerful symbol of female sexuality.

However, very frequent use can lead to
cause trouble to health. It is already proven that
women suffer four times more foot problems than menand this is mainly due to the heeled shoe.

An investigation showed that the regular use of this type of footwear
pucan cause an imbalance in the feet. Scientists examined the effects that this type of shoe can produce on women.

"As high heels are in fashion and are sometimes required for certain professions,
many women are not aware that regular use can throw off your balance," said
Yong-Seok Jee of Hanseo University in South Korea.

"These results suggest that wearing high heels may
strengthen ankle muscles in the beginning,
but prolonged use (more than three years),
causes muscle imbalance which can lead to serious ankle injuries", points out the study published in the
International Journal of Clinical Practice.

The damage caused by high heels is not only muscular, but also
can be aesthetic.

Consequences of excessive use of heels

  • Hammer toes: a condition in which a toe curls down like a claw.

  • Bunions: Painful bumps that appear at the base of the big toe joint.

  • Metatarsalgia: It is the pain and inflammation of the front part of the foot.

  • Tendon injuries: They also become inflamed and cause a lot of pain.

  • Falls or even breaks: since the balance is altered.

  • Knee injuries: There is a higher risk of suffering from osteoarthritis (joint wear) and arthritis (joint inflammation) prematurely, due to the excessive pressure that this joint must withstand.

  • Back pain: a misalignment of the hips and also of the spine occurs, causing pain in the back.

  • Muscle pain: When the heel is elevated, the muscles of the leg contract (tighten) and cause a lot of discomfort.

the worst

The ones known as
'stiletto' shoes they are the worst, although the most elegant, it is a very
tall and fine. They can be unhealthy because the weight of the body falls on the
metatarsus, that is, where the fingers are, making great pressure on a single point.

In addition, the
knees and hips they lean forward and affect the general balance of the body, weakening the health of the legs and back.

excessive use of this footwear can damage the
ankles up to the lower back.


  • Avoid
    walk a lot of time in heels.

  • Try to choose heels from
    less than 3-4 centimeters and ensure that the width of the shoe covers the entire heel.

  • When you get home, it is advisable to take off your shoes and put on comfortable shoes.

  • Avoid shoes that
    are excessively high and with a very fine point, since this type of heel does not offer adequate support.

  • If we cannot avoid wearing heels, we may consider
    wear platform shoes; yes, these should not have more than 3 centimeters of difference between the front and the back.

  • When we are wearing heels in public places, it is recommended that
    let's take a seat every so often to give your feet a rest.

  • Lastly, it is recommended
    avoid buy and wear shoes
    that are very narrow.

recently the
College of Podiatrists of the Canary Islands spoke out against the requirement to carry
heels at workeven more so when it comes to long working hours.

It warned that "beyond other aesthetic aspects and sexual discrimination, since this type of footwear is only required of women", from a health point of view,
they discouragedprolonged use.

Let's try
avoid injury and, in the medium or long term, more serious problems.

Fortunately, there are already many people who have already understood that it is very important
know how to choose the moments to show off this type of footwear.

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