Héctor Manrique: "I would not like to live in Venezuela where I live" | Culture

Héctor Manrique: "I would not like to live in Venezuela where I live" | Culture

Venezuelan actor Héctor Manrique is back in Madrid, city that saw him born in 1963. It represents Blood on the couchmonologue adapted, starred and directed by himself that puts on the stage the fascinating story of the Venezuelan psychiatrist Edmundo Chirinos, until 2008 a very respected personality (not in vain was he a personal therapist of three former presidents, including Hugo Chávez), and then sentenced for murdering a patient in his office and for abusing many others. Very critical of the political (and economic, social, and moral) situation that Venezuela is experiencing, and after representing the work in his country, these days he is in the Spanish capital, where he has four sessions. Then, he will cross the Atlantic again to put on his white coat in Santiago de Chile.

When I was little I wanted to be …


Have you achieved it?

It would be very cynical to say that yes living in Venezuela, where so many people have such a hard time. And there are already enough cynics there.

What is the best advice given by one of your parents?

My Spanish mother told me: she loves the place where your children eat.

Who would you like to be trapped in an elevator with?

With someone that I liked that person as much as I did.

Any place that inspires you?

Right now be in front of Guernica. I have already been twice in this time in Madrid. It's something very profound: art against barbarism.

"I've gone twice these days to see Guernica. It is art against barbarism "

When was the last time you cried?

Lying, in the last performance I've done. Really, when I came to Madrid for the play, after saying goodbye to my wife and daughters.

What has been the best gift you have received?


What is the last book that made him laugh out loud?

I enjoyed a lot Berta Island, but to laugh, to laugh … I remember being reading in a restaurant and that some table neighbors would get up and ask me why I laughed so much. I was reading Memories of a mangy lover, by Groucho Marx.

What role would kill for having interpreted or reinterpreted?

Modern times, of Chaplin. But it's impossible. For me, it's the biggest one. I do not say that insurmountable, but unsurpassed.

Does Venezuela need to go through the couch?

Look, I do not have much sympathy for psychiatrists (at least in my country, because the Venezuelan Society of Psychiatry fell on Chirinos). Venezuela needs to look in the mirror with sincerity; discover your own monsters.

What have you learned enfundado in the skin of Edmundo Chirinos?

I have learned that we are all sensitive and charming. Someone like that can cajole us.

What has been your great experience?

Be dad.

"My favorite smell is anyone who shoots me into my childhood"

Where would I never want to live?

In the Venezuela where I live today. That's why I try to change it.

What leaves him without sleep?

The anguish of so much compatriot.

And when you sleep, do you have a recurring dream?

Unfortunately (from what they tell me), I have never remembered my dreams.

What is your favorite smell?

Anyone who shoots me to childhood.

Which movie or literature character resembles you?

I do not have such a good opinion of myself [ríe], but if I had to choose to look like someone, the character of Gérard Depardieu in Novecento.

Regarding your work, what are you most proud of?

To be able to continue doing it.

What is the news that you have always expected to read?

It implies a proper name that better not to say in this conversation, which was being so good. Let's leave it in: Venezuela changed!

How do you see the future of Venezuela?

I see it very difficult. But I'm hopeful.


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